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Yard Sentinel – Electronic Cat Repeller with Motion Sensor

Yard Sentinel – Electronic Cat Repeller with Motion Sensor

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 “This product worked immediately and continues to do so after 3 months”


Yard Sentinel is an extremely versatile and powerful cat repeller that will rid gardens of more problems that merely feline ones! This version is one in a series of four different Yard Sentinel products. Yard Sentinel is the Number 1 best selling cat repellent on Amazon.


 Yard Sentinel Customer Reviews

 Yard Sentinel Review Stats


In accordance with our unique customer ratings analysis, our world-wide aggregated customer review score above eliminates irrelevant or invalid reviews, giving you the best independent indication anywhere of true customer satisfaction!

The above graphic illustrates how actual customers rate the yard sentinel at repelling cats. The statistics have been collated from numerous sources including Amazon and Petco. This is the best way to gauge how effective this device is at keeping cats out.


How it repels cats (and vermin)

Manufacturer Aspectek claims that Yard Sentinel is the most popular pest repeller on the market and looking at the feature list it is easy to see why. In addition to repelling cats, the Yard Sentinel will deal with a variety of other pests which will help keep your garden safe and undisturbed, all from one small device.

Here’s the features list for this model.

  • Covers 5,000 sq. feet
  • Battery or AC powered
  • Fully adjustable Infrared Motion Sensor
  • Power saving feature
  • Adjustable ultrasonic frequency range for different pests
  • Sonic Predator Alarm (Sonic volume control dial switch)
  • New for 2015 : Now comes with Power Adapter and 33 foot extension cord included

Yard Sentinel Images

Advantages of the Yard Sentinel

  • Humaine
  • Adjustable frequency range
  • Effective against a large variety of intruders including cats
  • Covers large area suitable for big gardens (5000 sq. feet)
  • chemical free – child safe
  • low maintenance, set it up, job done.
  • AC Adapter 100V-240V Included


  • Not effective for other pests such as squirrels

Tips for the Yard Sentinel

The secret behind the Yard Sentinel’s success is the three Ultrasonic Emitting Selections. Knowing how this works is the secret behind getting the best out of this unit. You can see the three-way switch for this setting in one of the photo’s in the slider above, and in close up below. Click on the tabs below to explore these features.

 Motion Sensor allows Ultrasonic Frequencies to be emitted only after the motion sensor has detected unwanted pests. This feature saves on power use, which is handy especially if you are using battery power.
Constant emits a single frequency at random time intervals. The idea behind this random timing is that cats and other pests do not become acclimatised to the noise. An intermittent annoyance is much harder for an animal to come to terms with, and they will soon learn this is not a nice place to visit.
Continue Sweep emits different frequencies at random time intervals. This variety in frequencies is unique to this range of cat repellents and is what makes the device effective against many more intruders than just cats.


yard sentinel settings

yard sentinel settings



yard sentinel interior schematic

yard sentinel interior schematic


The strength behind the Yard Sentinel lies in it’s three settings (explained above) and in particular the random timing which irritates cats and persuades them to move on and pester somebody else. The manufacturer of this product specializes is repelling intruders and it shows with the features and effectiveness of this product. It is therefore, highly recommended.


Customer Reviews for the Yard Sentinel

Ian from mailbag
After some testing I can confirm that this unit detects cats at around 25 feet – this is while it is set to the least sensitive setting. Since setting it up I can report that the neighbourhood cats have avoided our garden totally!
Mark from mailbag
I don;t know if this is bad, but we do derive a certain amount of pleasure watches the yard sentinel trigger and the reaction from the cats – which is always they same, RUN!
Fedupgardener from mailbag
Believe me, I tried all the natural remedies to keeping cats out, but eventually I had to stump up the cash and try an electronic device. After reading about the yard sentinel on this site I bought one immediately and since then (4 months), never seen a cat!
happynownocats from mailbag
Me and my husband were having our afternoon naps on the porch spoiled as the local cats were beating us to it and leaving cat hair all over our seats. Since placing 2 yard sentinels we have no issues, thank you.
Bob from homedepot
I bought the yard sentinel early in 2016 and it still works great!




  1. will this effect my bird avairy

  2. Hi Fred

    Like most ultrasonic cat repellents I know of, the sound is audible to birds. However, remember when you set the device up, site it so that it is pointing away from the avery and the bird movement will not set the ultrasonic noise off, so I do not see why you cannot use this 🙂 Good luck! Let us know!

  3. Will the sound interfere with my two inside cats, sometimes the screened windows are open, I don’t want to scare and upset my own cats, just scare away the feril cats fed by my neighbor, about 25 and expanding!

  4. Hi Helna

    Sorry for the delay in replying, we get so much spam it takes a while to find the real questions.

    To answer your question regarding your own cats, as the ultrasonic sound is directional, all you would do is make sure the device is pointing away from your property, in this way the sound would not affect your cats indoors.

    Alternatively, you could think about using a water spray repellent, which activates anytime a stray cat ventures on to your property.

    You can find water deterrent reviews at
    Hope, that helps!

  5. Hi,

    1) Would the device work through glass windows. I have the option to put the device inside the house (near the power point) pointing or facing towards the garden or pathway.

    2) Must the device be installed at ground level? Would it work if installed say 5 or 10 feet above ground?

    Thanks in advance

  6. Hi Wayne, sorry for the late response!

    To answer your questions…

    1. No, I am afraid it does NOT work through glass. Remember it can work with batteries though so you are not tied to placing it near a power point.

    2. The yard sentinel can be placed at any height, within reason.

    We asked manufacturers to tell us the exact range of the sensor, and for the yard sentinel they told us it was effective up to 30 feet, therefore you would be good to go at 10 feet. See all the cat repellent ranges at

    Hope that helps!

  7. how long is the ac cable ?

  8. Hi Andy

    The power cable is 33 foot long (ie 10 meters).

  9. Hello, I’m looking into the Sentinel to keep my neighbor’s cat off my convertible soft-top that I just replaced for $1.5k. I would have to install it on the elevated breezeway to our front door where I park, which is just under a foot high but at the level of the running board of the car about two feet from it. So a bit above ground.

    My question is since my car top is almost five feet high will the range of the Sentinel from just above ground reach it from below?

    There is also a wrought iron gate at the edge of that breezeway that the Sentinel would sit behind. Would that metal block the frequency at all?

    Also, I imagine that the Sentinel is waterproof since it is for outdoor placement? Thank you!

    • Hey Chris

      Sorry for the slow reply, but yes the yard sentinel will keep cats away from your car. In fact, this is the very reason I started researching cat repellents, because cats were sitting on the roof of my car and leaving dirty paw prints on the bonnet (hood).

      Yes it is waterproof, it is built for the rigours of outdoor use.

      For placement, try to think about what route the cat will take to your car and have the sentinel cover that, try not to think about covering just the roof. For example, at the gate, if it is a solid gate, the ultrasonics will not penetrate it, so you have to aim the sensor at the point the cat will come in.

      I hope that helps, but by the sounds of it, you may have to purchase more than one device to cover all the angles.

      These are the best way to keep your expensive car safe though, so good luck and please let me know how you get on!

  10. my reppeler device stop working sdenly after 3 month , ididnt use battery i plage it to the electric , why did it stop working ? please help
    thank you

    • Hi, can you confirm this is the yard sentinel you have? If so you should contact the manufacturer for a replacement, this should not be a problem.

  11. I am leaving one star for just one glitch. I have purchased the HR136 model and instead of ‘continuous sweep’ select button it has ‘Bark Control’. I suppose it activates only when it detects high pitch dog bark. Actually it does. You can even mimic a dog bark and it will engage the ultrasonic sound which of course non of us can hear at all. I do believe it operates even if I cannot hear it for every time it does its work a signal interference in my stereo and AM radio is audible. However there seem to be a problem with its dog bark identification. It does not only identify that of the dog but high pitch sounds coming from motorcycle engines and other vehicles that emits sounds capable of triggering its detection system. It even picks up sound from my shop tools like my portable grinder and bench grinder which ‘whiiinngs’ when turned on. I know it is operating unnecessarily because the window of my neighbors house (where I directed my Sentinel to get rid of their noisy dogs) reflects the green light indicating its ultrasonic sound is triggered. I am planning to relocate the device away from my shop and the busy noisy street. Overall this is an amusing device as it started to whip irritating cats and birds away from my lawn.

    • Hi, that’s interesting feedback thanks. The dog barking sensor has an adjustment on it though, perhaps you can adjust it to cut out the false activation by vehicles etc?

  12. I have dogs that run around outside and also a bunch of feral cats I want yo keep out of my yard. I have one dog that cannot be vaccinated due to IMHA and the costs using my yard as a bathroom is a big problem. I don’t want to hurt my dogs with this, I just want the cats gone. Is there a way to set it so it will just keep cats away?

  13. Michelle

    My cat wants to be outside at night, yet meows at our window every night and wakes me up. I sleep with the window open. What frequency does this unit operate at? I’m concerned since I am a light sleeper that it will wake me up.

    • Hi, these repellers work at frequencies above the human range of hearing so there would be no reason for it to wake you 🙂

  14. I tried it for pigeons and I could see them laughing back at me when I put it on… They did not even blink an eye…. So I guess the thing does not really work… I put the unit about 20/25 feet away from them and they did not even budge…. So I guess it does not really work….

    • Hi Pierre, yes for pigeons I would not recommend the yard sentinel – you’d probably be better of with bird scare tape like this

  15. Hi,
    I want to use the repellent to get rid of cats in my garden, but would it disturb my dog as well if it was in the garden?
    Thank you

    • Hi, dogs and cats have different hearing thresholds so it should not affect your dog. I’m thinking that when the dog is out your garden will be safe from cats, so it would also be an option for you to simply turn the device off when the dog is out, if it concerned you :o)

      • Hi. So what setting is the best for keeping dogs away?

  16. Can I use Yard Sentinel Electronic Cat Repeller With Motion Sensor to repel Civet in my loft

    • Hi

      Interesting question! I’ve looked into this and none of the ultrasonic repellent manufacturers lists a civet so I cannot say for sure. It’s probably worth a shot, after all the yard sentinel is not too expensive, and if the civets hearing range is anything like that of a cat, then it should work. Also, think about removing any easy access points for the civet, and anything it may be using as a food source. Hope that helps.

  17. I want my cat to stay off my spa cover but not out of the yard? Will this work? She lives the backyard so i dont want to keep her frlm going in there.

    • Hi

      If you use an ultrasonic cat repeller in the yard, it will trigger whenever it detects movement, and the noise will be heard throughout the yard to the annoyance of any cats in the area. So when you want to restrict a pet cat to only a certain (ie spa), I would not recommend this as your solution. This device really for keeping all cats away. I think a mat would be more suitable for you, see the following link for mats you can clip together to make a perimeter zone, or at least put across an access point.

  18. we have a problem with raccoons in our basement and attic. We also have a 2 birds in the house a cat and a dog. Will these units make the domestic animals in the house go nuts or harm them.

    • Hi, good question.

      If you put a ultrasonic repellent into the attic (or basement) to repel racoons, and a racoon activates the sonic noise, it would be very unlikely to resonate through to the rest of the house and disturb your animals. Remember these devices are designed for outdoor use in gardens, yards etc – not indoors – so the sound strength is not design to go through walls. I think you will safe enough :o)

  19. I’m a bird enthusiast and want to scare away cats without bothering the feeder- and ground-foraging birds. It sounds like bird movements would set off the repeller, which would be OK except for the waste of energy, but could the repeller frequencies be set to exclusively scare off cats without bothering the birds?

    • Hi

      The bird movement would activate the cat repeller but the noise would not disturb the birds – in fact in my experience some birds were quite intrigued by the device.


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