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Cat Poo Changes Your Brain

Cat Poo Changes Your Brain


One of the main reasons that gardeners want to keep cats out of their yard is hygiene, ie you do not want to be hand weeding and find cat poo all over your hands. Certainly, you want to have peace of mind that your children can play in the yard without touching cat poo and contracting some kind of medical issue. We already covered the dangers of Toxoplasmosis, but new there is new medical evidence that everyone who loves their garden, or loves their cat should know – cat poop can change your brain – no joke!

Toxoplasmosis is a parasite find in cat poop and has proven to be very effective at infecting humans, with estimates at around 2 billion infections – that’s more than the entire population of China!

So what happens to people (ie gardeners) if they become infected with this cat poo virus? Take your pick!

  • depression
  • aggression
  • psychosis
  • suicide

That’s a nasty ist right there – but it doesn’t stop with that top 4 – there’s more.

A study published in July 2018 found remarkable evidence that subjects who tested positive for the toxoplasmosis parasite were actually 1.7 time more likely to succeed with management and entrepreneurship qualifications!

This blows our mind! Let’s go over this again; a scientific paper has been published, that demonstrates with test data, with a large sample, that infection with this cat poo parasite can actually result in a positive academic result for the infected party.

Now, I don’t know about you – but to me this does not indicate a positive potential for infection, far from it; to me this indicates, and confirms, that cat poo infection messes with YOUR BRAIN!

Let’s put this into context.

If you get infected by touching cat poo, you are not going to get a little rash that will clear up in a few days, you are not going to feel sick for a few days, and you are not going to come down with a minor ailment. This study proves that your body is actually going to be affected in your BRAIN.

All of a sudden I feel even more inclined to be OCD about garden hygene.

Be safe out there my gardener friends!


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