Reviews of the Best Cat Repellents

What is a good cat repellent?

“What is a good cat repellent” might seem like the kind of question that has an obvious answer – a good cat repellent is one that repels cats! However it is not a clear cut as this, because the best cat repellent will depend on your intended use;  for example perhaps the question should really be ” what is a good cat repellent for indoors”, or ” what is a good cat repellent for outdoors”, or even ” what is a good cat repellent on a budget?”.

Each of those questions actually has a different answer, and seeing as they are the most popular questions gardeners have when it comes to keeping cats out of their garden, let’s answer them for you right now so that you can solve this annoying problem with cats.

What is a good cat repellent for indoors?

I know some cat owners that were surprised when I explained to them that there was such a thing as an indoor cat repellent. Why would a cat lover need an indoor cat repellent? In fact it would be a perfectly reasonable to change the question slightly by moving a couple of words from “what is a good cat repellent for indoors” to “what good is an indoors cat repellent”? The answer is simple, and the solution can make the lives of cat owners so much more pleasurable, for cat and owner!

The issue of course comes for a cat’s behaviour, cats like to go everywhere, and anywhere, at any time is pleases them. However, for owners this can lead to problems, conflict even. One reason is hygene. Just because you are a cat owner does not mean you have to compromise hygiene in the house. As a cat owner you should know the dangers of toxoplasmosis, it is critical therefore that you protect the area where you prepare food from your cats.

The good news is, that there is a very good solution to this particular issue and it comes in the shape of SSScat.

what is a good cat repellent - SSScat

This is an extremely effective and popular product that you can set up in your kitchen area in 15 seconds and from that point on, your work surfaces and food preparation areas will be totally safe from inquisitive cats. It’s battered powered and works by sending out a sharp blast of harmless spray whenever it detects a cat walking nearby. This gives the cat an unexpected fright which causes a change in pattern of movement, keeping the area safe from cats even if the SSScat were to run out of power or spray.

The SScat works in all areas of the house, not just the kitchen. Some families use it to protect other areas of the house, for example bedrooms. Heres; what one happy customer had to say about that…

“the first night of FULL sleep we’ve had in 3 yrs of having our kitties”

You can check the latest price for the SSScat here.

There are a few other solution for indoor cat repellents, please check out our Top 3 Indoor Cat Repellents for details on the current best of the best. In summary though, if you are wondering  what is a good cat repellent for indoors, you can stop looking now, as SSScat is the solution for you.

What is a good cat repellent for outdoors?

Stopping cats from coming into garden areas can be a big concern to many gardeners left wondering what is a good cat repellent for the garden. It can be a source of huge frustration, indeed this is why I started this website a year ago – I was absolutely going mad with frustration over cats coming into my property and sitting on my car. I can still remember when I first started researching for cat repellents and wondering if any of these products actually worked, or if they were just gadgets that made big promises. Of course now I know that they do work, some better than others, but they do work, and I proved that through personal experience, and my research on do cat repellents work.

By researching features, and going into detailed analysis of customer feedback per cat repellent product, I was able to arrive at Top 3 Outdoor Cat Repellents. This takes the guesswork clean out of the “What is a good cat repellent” question because any of the cat repellents in that top 3 will do the job and rid your garden of cats.

If I was pressed to select the best cat repellent for outdoors I would pick the current top seller on Amazon and that is the Yard Sentinel.

what is a good cat repellent - yard sentinel


Amazon have sold countless thousands of these on the basis of awesome reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers who before finding the Yard Sentinel were wondering “What is a good cat repellent”, just like you! So if you are looking for a quick and easy solution to your cat problem, worry no more, the Yard Sentinel will take care of it for you!

Finally, the last common question from gardeners considering a cat repellent…

What is a good cat repellent on a budget?

The price of cat repellents can vary from around $20 to $100 depending on the level of functionality. As is a pretty good indicator of the satisfaction rate for all their products thanks to (1) the customer ratings and (2) the number of reviews that customers leave, we can look at this to see how well any particular product is performing. This tells us something quite interesting – that the most inexpensive ultrasonic cat repellent is actually one of the best selling on the market – and that is the Frostfire.

what is a good cat repellent - frostfire
So, if you are wondering what is a good cat repellent if you are on a budget, you should definitely check out the frostfire – you could solve you cat problem for around $20!

If you are looking for the best cat deterrent by customer satisfaction, see this page for our statistical analysis!