Reviews of the Best Cat Repellents

About Us

There are two things about me that resulted in this website helping gardeners to select an effective cat repellent.

1. I had a big problem with cat intruders (in the garden, and in the driveway next to my car)

2. I have this issue that once I research something I feel like I must go totally OCD on it and then share it on the internet. It causes me to lose many hours of my week and annoys my wife, but, it’s like a hobby!

So why did I find a pressing need to find out about cat repellents when initially it was NOT to keep them out of the garden? The reason is quite simple, and equally important; cats were using my covered car port as a shelter at night – and parking their hairy butts on the bonnet or roof of my car! I didn’t mind the cat hair so much, but I did mind the scratches they were leaving on the paintwork, because I am also OCD about car paintwork.

This drove me on a mission to find an effective cat repellent, and eventually I tried a few different types. The result was, that I found ultrasonic cat repellents were great for protecting my car, and that water scarecrow type were best for the garden.  So there you have it, the best cat repellent advice you need in only a few words, now you just have to go find the best cat repellent for your situation and price point!