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Get Ultrasonic Cat Protection – Don’t go to Jail!

Here’s a remarkable story, and proof that without an ultrasonic cat repeller you could end up like this gentleman, and narrowly miss a jail term!

When you are reading this story, just remember, Nick Buckmaster is a conservative councillor in the UK, and it happened last month.

Here’s Nick, looking a little more presentable, and un-armed, before his arrest.

Nick Buckmaster doesn't like cats

Nick was tucked up in bed a bit groggy from a night of enjoying a drink or three, having one of those deeps sleeps you can only get with a little alcohol in the blood stream. When he awoke he was shocked and furious to find that a neighbours cat had entered his home and sprayed its scent, ie urine, all over his kitchen.

Absolutely furious at the smell, mess and concerned with the hygiene of his kitchen, Nick picked up his air pistol and hot footed it around to his neighbours to complain about his home invasion.

And it went downhill from there.

After pointing his weapon at his neighbour, poor old Nick was subdued until police arrive and duly arrested him.

At court, he was given a 9 month suspended sentence and 150 hours of unpaid community work.

Police are searching for a medium sized cat with a preference for urinating in kitchens.

If you would like to prevent cats urinating in your kitchen, then this indoor cat repellent is for you. If you want to stop the little blighters getting anywhere near your door, then this outdoor cat repeller is for you. Finally, if like Nick, you reside in the UK, then this cat repeller is what you need to avoid the prospect of jail through frustration.