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How to Keep Cats Away

Two Quick and Effective Tips to Keep Cats Away

It’s probably overstating the obvious, but the main reason you are here is because you want to know how to keep cats away! Before reading our list of things that work, please also check out our advice on how to keep stray cats away. Here’s a brief summary of the key steps you will want to take to try and keep cats out of our garden.

How To Keep Cats Away Tip 1 – Remove Food

Cats will come into your garden for a reason, there has to be an attraction for the cat, otherwise he will most likely select a different garden to go into! One of those reasons is FOOD! If a cat detects food, either by smell or sight, he will naturally be drawn towards it.

How many times have you gone out to your garden, or elsewhere on your property and found a bag shredded by tiny claws? If you have then we are one step closer to keeping cats away! When you put bags out that contain foodstuffs, immediately put them in your plastic bin, with the lid firmly down. Also, don’t throw food outside for birds etc as this might also attract cats; not just because of the food, but the increased bird activity will draw cats to your garden. Do not concern yourself with losing out on bird visitors, your primary concern right now is to keep the cats away. Once this behavior is  established, you will find cats reluctant to retuning, allowing you to tempt other wildlife such as birds back to your garden.

How To Keep Cats Away Tip 2 – Remove Shelter

Cats like to investigate and be active, but they also like to rest. Don’t make your garden an attractive resting point for cats otherwise they will associate your garden as a great place to be. There are two ways to do this.

Firstly do not offer any easy areas for them to rest up in. If you have an outhouse, a shed, or a storage area that is lockable, make sure the doors are shut when not is use. Cat’s don’t like the rain and will seek out shelter in your garden if they can.

Secondly, cats will rest in the shade during the summer so will take advantage of any areas in your garden that offer cover from the hot sun. Sometimes this will simply be the cover offered by a tree or shrub. Obviously it is not really feasible to remove your precious plants and shrubs just to keep cats away, but there is something you can do – make these areas of shade the last place a cat wants to go! You can do this easily by installing a cat repellent.

Check out these ultrasonic cat repellents or these water jet repellents. Install one of these pointing towards areas of shade and you will have taken another big step towards keeping cats away from your garden.

Keep Cats Away with the Guardener A201 2.0

I’ve noticed that the Guardener is the most interesting ultrasonic cat repellent to our readers, and it’s easy to see why; with it’s great build quality and adjustable settings, it’s difficult to see how cats could stand to be in your garden at all, it is extremely effective at keeping cats away.

guardener cat repellent


Using solar power this cat repellent needs no cables, so installation is an absolute breeze; push it in and set it up for immediate protection against cats and one of the best solutions for keeping cats away.