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Guardener A201 2.0

Guardener A201 2.0

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  • Ease of Use

The unique selling point of the Guardener 2.0 Animal Repellent lies in it’s dual function repeller technology, pressurized water and ultrasonic sound. With adjustable sensitivity and adjustable range the Guardener 2.0 can be set up to work efficiently in most garden environments. Additionally this device is solar powered so requires no electrical supply, and also is hose free thanks to it’s own water reservoir.

How the Guardener A201 2.0 repels cats

Powered by the rays of the sun this device scores highly for convenience, and as it also works effectively without the need of a hose the Guardener animal repeller is one of the best featured cat repellers we have seen.

Thanks to updates on the adjustable sensor and also firmware updates to the activation logic, this device operates extremely well, as you can see in the video at the foot of this page. The build quality is superb with all working components effectively sealed from the environment making it water tight and safe for extended outdoor use.

Guardener A201 2.0 Feature list

Here’s the features list for this model.

  • Repels all types of garden intruders
  • Dual feature water and ultrasonic deterrent
  • Adjustable range
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Award winning technology (Hottest New Product Award and Best Eco-Friendly Product Award)


Guardener A201 2.0 Images

Advantages of the Guardener A201 2.0

  • Fully adjustable range
  • Fully adjustable sensitivity
  • Solar powered – no cables!
  • No hose required
  • Water deterrent
  • Multi-frequency Ultrasonic deterrent
  • Infrared motion detector works at night
  • Excellent Customer Support from designer

Disadvantages of the Guardener A201 2.0

  • Water tanks needs refilled
  • Needs sunlight to charge panel (see tips below)


Use the table below to solve common issues with the Guardener A201 2.0

This can be due to no water in tank or not enough power to jet the water. The water tank may need filled every month depending on usage. Check that the battery is being charged by the solar panel by checking the panel is not covered and is clean, and that the protective film has been removed.
The device may be getting triggered too easily. Adjust the sensitivity of the unit.
Clean the lense to improve accuracy

Tips for the Guardener A201 2.0

As this device is solar powered, it does need sunlight to function, however many gardeners prefer their cat deterrents to be out of sight or inconspicuous.  To solve this issue, it is possible to purchase additional solar panels that can be discretely placed to capture the suns rays and power the device.



The Guardener A201 2.0 is a fantastic cat repeller. We love that it does not require a hose, and we love that it is environmentally friendly thanks to the solar power. To top it off, having both a water deterrent and a variable ultrasonic repeller, this is a very capable device that will keep your garden free from cats with the minimum of fuss. The designer of this unit built it from the ground up to solve his own problem with animal intruders, and you can tell it was designed to work well and solve a problem effectively. It is also worth noting that with the release of Version 2 of this device the designer of this product offers personal support for this device, which is pretty special these days.


Customer Reviews for the Guardener A201 2.0

<b>GardenMom</b> from Guardeners
I am so glad I found this solar-powered, environmentally friendly, garden-saving product, I saved so much money from this product because all I need is water
KenW<b></b> from Guardeners
The solar panels work great in keeping the water pump charged. The jet stream is robust. The quality of product, so far, meets and exceeds expectations. I will purchase two more in the near future.
Johnson Joy from Guardeners
To be perfectly honest, I was most surprised and impressed with your product functions and features. There are not that many companies providing that kind of support. I have been recommending your product, and will continue to.
<b>RobR</b> from
There are similar units, however they require a hose and I was keenly interested in the portability of this unit. I put this unit in a strategic location and could hear it go off in the middle of the night during the summer. It made me smile every time – my plantings surely grinned too.
Lori from
It’s great because there is no hose to attach. You can move it anywhere.


  1. haven’t purchased just yet,have read alot of reviews on amazon,alot of negativity,what can you say to sway me??????????????

  2. Hey Dominic

    I checked with the manufacturer and they did have an issue with the spigot, but the unit is good to go now. The Amazon reviews pretty much all say the Guardener unit works great, but yeh some people noted an issue with that spigot initially.

  3. I am wanting to buy a motion detection sprinkler, which is hose free. The purpose is to keep possums away from our pool area (they walk along the pool fence and poo falls into the pool!). I live is Brisbane Australia, a warm climate of 20-30+ degree heat celcius in the summer. I am not sure if the heat will cause issues, as one review mentioned it may cause problems with the motion detection?

    Which option works best? The 2 I can see are:

    1)Havahart Spray Away Elite II Hose-Free
    2)Guardener A201 2.0

    Or are there other better options?

    Does the spray just go straight ahead, or the rotates and sprays 360 degrees?

    Thanks for your help,

  4. Sorry for the late reply.

    1)Havahart Spray Away Elite II Hose-Free

    This fires a jet of water in an arc of about 45 degrees.

    2)Guardener A201 2.0

    This one fores a jet full circle, 360 degrees.

    The Havahart is a little more expensive, but it is the more popular product.

    Hope that answers your questions!


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