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Contech Cat Repellents No More!

Contech Cat Repellents No More!


Contech Inc Insolvency

We are sorry to confirm that Contech Inc, the manufacturer of Contech Cat repellent devices is now insolvent.

When we were contacted by a customer who had been successfully using the Contech ScareCrow Outdoor Animal Deterrent for 2 years, we looked into assisting him with locating a replacement part. He was looking for a replacement middle section pipe connection as after 2 years of use it had finally broken. We were a big fan of the Contech Scarecrow so we were happy to help him locate the replacement part. Unfortunately what we found was not good news – Insolvency papers for Contech Enterprises Inc!

contech insolvency

Digging further we found Supreme Court papers from 2016 for Contech Enterprises Inc, confirming that they had gone bankrupt. You can also download the Contech Enterprises Inc Bankruptcy papers PDF from our own website here.

contech bankrupt


What can you do?

If you have one Contech’s cat repellents and are looking for replacement parts, or if you would like to look at a range of used Contech Inc repellents, check this page for solutions.

Alternatively, you should check our latest water cat repellent reviews, however if you want to shortcut to the absolutely best motion activated sprinkler to keep cats out of your yard, check out the Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer – it is absolutely the best on the market!


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