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Garden Creations JB5028 Ultrasonic Cordless Pest Repeller

Garden Creations JB5028 Ultrasonic Cordless Pest Repeller

  • Value for Money
  • Effectiveness
  • Features
  • Build Quality

The Garden Creations JB5028 Ultrasonic Cordless Pest Repeller is not a device I had personally tried, however I could not help but notice it is absolutely tearing up the Amazon charts for cat repellers this year. In this case it would be remiss of us not to provide a review based on all the available information and customer reviews. Also, before we begin, it is worth noting that at the time of publication, this cat repeller is on sale for a huge discount at Amazon making it one of the most inexpensive solutions for cat problems available anywhere.

How the Garden Creations JB5028 repels cats (and vermin)

This device uses ultrasonic frequencies to repel many different types of pest, although you may wish to experiment with the dial settings to get the desired results.

Here’s the features list for this model.

  • 30′ Range
  • 130 degree effective cover
  • automatic motion sensor
  • 5000 sq. ft. protection from pests
  • Motion-activated ultrasonic tone
  • Adjustable for many different pests (insects, cats, dogs, deer, skunks, rodents, bats, etc.)
  • For indoor or outdoor use,
  • Compact, lightweight, cordless


Garden Creations JB5028 Images

Advantages of the Garden Creations JB5028

  • Humaine
  • Adjustable frequency range
  • Effective against a large variety of intruders including cats
  • Covers large area suitable for big gardens (5000 sq. feet)
  • Great if you are on a budget


  • Needs 6 batteries
  • Mixed customer reviews

Tips for the Garden Creations JB5028

Click on the tabs below to explore the best tips for the Garden Creations JB5028.

Some documentation mistakenly lists the baterries as type D, however please note that this device actually requires 6 “C” batteries
There is one report that this unit is not entirely water proof, it might be a good idea to bear this in mind when considering where you are placing it. However there are a number of users who say they use this item in all weathers and it is great.
Select the fourth item down from the top to deter cats
Location matters. Try to avoid areas where it will be lashed by rain, and try to fit on to a post a couple of feet of the ground.



The strength behind the Garden Creations JB5028 lies in it’s inexpensive price point and variety of settings to deter many types of intruder including cats.


Customer Reviews for the Garden Creations JB5028

TechDude from mailbag
For the best effect I installed the Garden Creations repeller above ground level. The effect was obvious as the pesky cats have now moved on to another perch on the other side of the garden! I am getting another 2 of these devices to scare them away for good!
Jamie from mailbag
We actually bought this not for cats, but for dogs as my neighbours dogs were driving us crazy with their barking, this product made those dogs move away though! Result!
Jow66 from mailbag
I think I must have received a faulty product as mine stopped working after 6 weeks, reaching out to manufacturer now for a replacement….


  1. Hello! I am looking into purchasing this item, but have a question about it. I live in an apartment complex, so I wouldn’t be able to place it around my car. Will this work if I put it on my dashboard inside of my car if it’s right behind the windshield? There are a bunch of feral cats that are scratching up the black paint on my brand new car and I need a solution! Thank you!

  2. I haven’t received it yet. I ordered it from Amazon. I have a cat and dog. I’m hoping I can just set it for insects. If I can’t, I’ll return it.

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