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Shake Away Granules

Shake Away Granules

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How it repels cats

Shake-Away is an organic plant safe granule that spreads an odor that signals danger to cats – the smell of a predator. The granules spread the smell of a fox making all intruder pests wary of the area.

Here’s the features list for this model.

  • Rain resistant
  • Effective against many pests
  • Granules
  • 1 month protection for 600 Square feet


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Advantages of the Yard Sentinel

  • Safe for plants bushes and trees
  • Rain resistant
  • Quick and easy application


  • Requires monthly re-treatment

Tips for Shake Away

Although the large granules make Shake Away resistant to wash off, we recommend you are selective about where you spread the granules in order to achieve longevity. For example avoid open areas and try to spread beneath trees or bushes where there is less chance of the granules being disturbed or washed away.

Also, do not apply the contents of the full container in one go, rather apply a little every week for the first four weeks for maximum effect.


A quick and inexpensive solution with no set-up makes the Shake Away granules sound like a good idea, however our experience was not so good. We still saw cats come into the garden and sniff around, and leave spray behind. To be fair the product does list a number of different animals and we were only testing against cats, but we could not say that these granules really made any difference in our garden. Your experience may be better, and if you have problems with rabbits of squirrels then certainly this product might be a good solution for you. Please note thought that our star ratings reflect testing for repelling cats only.





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