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SSSCAT Cat Training Aid

SSSCAT Cat Training Aid

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“SSSCAT gave us the first night of FULL sleep we’ve had in 3 yrs of having our kitties…”



That standout feature of the unusually named ssscat cat training product is it’s popularity. Of all the cat repellents we have researched, this is the product that has remained the most popular with cat owners looking to keep their cats under control indoors. Infact, ssscat is the number one best selling cat spray. Although it’s not the most aesthetic of cat repellers, its design is more functional, with the clever gadgetry and batteries in the top half, which connects to a replacement spray canister on the bottom half.

This is the most popular spray we have seen, and comes highly recommended by cat owners, see some of the testimonials for this product at the foot of the page.

How the SSSCAT Cat Training Aid  repels cats

Like all outdoor cat repellers the SSScat uses an ultrasonic detector to activate whenever it senses movement over a one meter radius. Once triggered the device sends out a blast of harmless spray, frightening the cat momentarily. There are no chemicals other than the propellant, it is purely the fright of the noise and spray  that has the desired effect on the cat, or pet. Customers have reported that even once the spray is exhausted and in need of a refill, the cats still avoid the area, as they have associated the visual presence of the ssscat with the scare and refuse to go near it.

SSSCAT Cat Training Aid  Feature list

Here’s the features list for this model.

  • Includes 1 unscented spray can
  • On/Off Switch
  • Motion Sensor
  • Adjustable sensor
  • Adjustable spray
  • Requires (4) AAA batteries
  • Effective against other animals: rabbits, dogs, ferrets, etc.
  • Inexpensive refills.


SSSCAT Cat Training Aid Images

Advantages of the SSSCat

  • Quickly set no-go zones for your cat indoors
  • Prevents scratching
  • Protects drapes, rugs, curtains, worktops, counters, hygiene areas
  • 10 second setup
  • Easy relocation to problem area
  • Portable, handy for holiday homes or mobile homes

How the ssscat works in practice

From this video we can see that every cat reacts in the same manner; they get an initial fright, then immediately their curiosity takes over and they go back to try and figure out what happened. The fact that cats will return to the area once or maybe twice demonstrates that the ssscat is petsafe as there is no harm done to the cat, it is merely an automatic flight response from the cat as a reaction to an unexpected situation. Once the cat has been caught out by the ssscat 2 or 3 times though, it learns that it is better to stay away and it’s natural curiosity is outweighed by the fear of being blasted by high pressure air from somewhere.


  • Does not differentiate between cat and human, use the OFF switch when working around the ssscat.
Single RefillTwo Pack6 Pack12 Pack


See the table below for some help using the SSScat.

Pull the plastic ring up around the base of the canister to pop the top off. Then after turning OFF the refill, push the top down on a new canister and push the plastic ring back down towards the canister to lock it in place.
No, ssscat is an indoor cat trainer, for outdoors, see these cat repellers.
Each can should last for up to 100 sprays. Considering that cats learn to stop going near it after only a few sprays, one can should be plenty. Consider investing in more if you plan on moving the ssscat around or having multiple installations around your property.  

Tips for the best results with SSSCat

As can be seen in the video above, sometimes the ssscat can be knocked over as the cat makes a break for cover, consider this to minimise the chances of this happening when placing the canister.



The ssscat spray is an effective solution to indoor cat problems such as scratching, invading hygiene areas, urine spraying, and chewing on fabrics or plants. It’s a successful and popular product for controller cat behaviour in the home and is the number 1 cat repellent spray product. Healthy customer satisfaction levels for the ssscat highlight its value as an effective cat deterrent.


Customer Reviews for the SSScat

Sue from mailbag
We discovered that our lovely little cat had taken a liking to the futon in our garden area so we set up a ssscat to see if it would help. The cat immediately got the idea and stop going near it, but what surprised us was that even the the ssscat had run out of power, the cat still avoided the area! We like that the ssscat is safe and works.
Pam from mailbag
Fed up with scratch marks on our door we gave ssscat a go after reading about it on your website and what do you know – it stopped the scratching immediately! Thank you!
Jane from mailbag
My brother had issues with stray cats damaging his car hood, and he is absolutely crazy about the paintwork on his car. I told him to try the ssscat after searching and finding it here and 2 weeks later he swears by them, thank you!
Max from mailbag
This absolutely works – thanks!
kk50 from
The Ssscat Spray Control System so far is working pretty well for my kitten Drake
jujucrafts from
the first night of FULL sleep we’ve had in 3 yrs of having our kitties


  1. Don’t waste your time with this. The first time I got it I had such a hard time getting the cap on the can, struggled with it and so did my husband. Finally I called and got a replacement cap – that was hard too, but it finally went on. Then it wouldn’t spray, called again and they said it has to be in a well lit place. It worked when I ran my hand in front of it, twice.. I turned it off and put it away to use today – now it only clicks and doesn’t spray anything. I even went out and bought brand new batteries thinking I had duds for batteries. This was a total waste of money.

  2. Does the sensor work in a dark room at night?

    • YEs, it works by infrared body heat, so it will work at night.

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