Reviews of the Best Cat Repellents

Hoont Cobra Upgraded Sprinkler Cat Repeller

The Hoont Cobra just jumped straight to our #1 favorite cat repeller – it works and it is inexpensive!

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Havahart 5266 Spray Away Motion Activated Sprinkler Animal Repellent 2.0

The Havahart 5266 Sprinkler Cat Repellent we are reviewing here is the improved version 2. If you are looking for a low cost device that uses water jets, this is probably one of your best options.

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Havahart Spray Away Elite II Hose-Free Motion Activated Sprinkler Cat Repellent

Havahart Spray Away Elite II Hose-Free Motion Activated Sprinkler Animal Repellent, it’s a bot of a mouthful, but it’s important to get out there exactly how good this cat repellent is.

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Guardener A201 2.0

The unique selling point of the Guardener 2.0 Animal Repellent lies in it’s dual function repeller technology with solar power charging, and hose free operation. This offers gardens the maximum of protection from cats with the least fuss setting it up. With adjustable features and no need for a hose connection, this is a great gadget for keeping cats out of the garden.

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Orbit Motion Activated Sprinkler Garden Enforcer

This motion activated sprinkler is mounted on a tripod and is effective against all types of animal intruder including cats. With a 40 foot range and three different methods to scare cats out of your garden, this is a very effecting cat repellent. Sound, motion, and a sudden squirt of water scare cats away easily.

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Contech CRO101 Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler

The Contech Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler is the daddy of all cat repellers and perfect for protecting your garden from cats. It’s eco friendly as it is solar powered, and additional panels mean that you can hide this cat repellent anywhere, even in the shade, and it can still work at keeping your garden free of cats day and night.

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