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Frostfire Solar Powered Ultrasonic Cat Repeller

Frostfire Solar Powered Ultrasonic Cat Repeller

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 “it turned on it’s heels the very first time it came in after I set up the Frostfire”

By Joseph

The Frostfire Solar Powered Ultrasonic Cat Repeller came to our attention when we saw it flying up the Amazon ultrasonic cat repellent sales charts. It’s easy to see why, effective and solar powered, this new cat repeller has become a fast hit with gardeners keen to keep cats away with the minimum of fuss.

Frostfire Customer Satisfaction

frostwire review stats

In accordance with our unique customer ratings analysis, our world-wide aggregated customer review score above eliminates irrelevant or invalid reviews, giving you the best independent indication anywhere of true customer satisfaction!

The above graphic illustrates how actual customers rate the Frostfire at repelling cats. The statistics have been collated from numerous sources including Amazon and Petco. This is the best way to gauge how effective this device is at keeping cats out.


How the Frostfire Solar Powered Ultrasonic Cat Repeller repels cats

The Frostfire solar powered battery operated ultrasonic cat and pest repeller does a great job of keeping unwanted garden visitors away. Any pest triggering the movement sensor will cause the Frostwire unit to  immediately sound an ultrasonic tone that is only audible to the cat, or pest, scaring it away. Uniquely, this unit can be charged with a USB cable, although solar charging is generally enough to keep the unit active and scaring cats away.


Frostfire Solar Powered Ultrasonic Cat Repeller Feature list

Here’s the features list for this model.

  • Adjustable sensor emits different frequencies to repel various pests
  • Charges via sunlight or via the USB cable provided
  • 13cm high x 5.5cm  x 9cm
  • 7 metres (22 foot range)

Frostfire Solar Powered Ultrasonic Cat Repeller  Images

Advantages of the Frostfire Solar Powered Ultrasonic Cat Repeller

  • Unique USB charger
  • Solar powered – environmentally friendly
  • Quick Set up
  • Waterproof
  • Adjustable Frequency
  • Sensitivity Setting for maximum effect


  • We couldn’t really find anything wrong with this cat repellent. It does what it sets out to do, for a very reasonable price.


Turn both dials to zero then charge the Frostfire using the provided USB cable for around 4-6 hours.

When the Frostfire is fully charged the red light will stop blinking and turn solid.

Now, set the dials to your preferred settings: Frequency (1-5) and Sensor (Lo-Hi).

If you decide later to make changes to the settings, first turn the dials back to zero and after a few seconds turn them to the new settings.  This process “clears” the previous memory settings.

As with all ultrasonic cat repellents the success you will achieve with the Frostwire largely depends on placement; make sure you aim the unit at the area of the garden where the cat comes in, or where it is spraying. Try to avoid areas with overhanging shrubs that can blow in the wind and set the motion detector off. 
Although ultrasonic cat repellents are almost all designed for outdoors, some do let in water in extreme conditions. The build quality of the Frostwire however is excellent , which is not really surprising as the manufacturer is known for their designs and innovations.  If you live in an area that is known were heavy or persistent rain, we would recommend this device. 

Unfortunately not only does the Frostfire manual omit to explain the red light functionality, but this feature does seem a little hit or miss.

When charging the Frostfire, a flashing red light will display, once the unit is fully charged (3-5 hours), the red light will go steady.

When in use, the Frostfire will display a flashing red light when it has been triggered by a cat. There are reports that this feature is somewhat inconsistent, however it does not affect the functionality as the unit will be active and deter cats when triggered.  

Tips for the Frostfire Solar Powered Ultrasonic Cat Repeller

I think our only tip is to buy this before it sells out. Before the Frostwire topped the cat repellent charts, we recommended the Yard Sentinel and it quickly sold out.



The Frostfire Solar Powered Ultrasonic Cat Repeller is a well built cat repeller with easy access to two settings, plus it is solar powered so no power chords or frequent battery replacements required. In summary, great device, get it now and stop cats from ruining your garden.


Customer Reviews for the Frostfire Solar Powered Ultrasonic Cat Repeller

Joseph from mailbag
I only got this because the yard guard was out of stock, but I am delighted, I could see the pesky cat through my window, and it turned on it’s heels the very first time it came in after I set up the Frostfire. It came back one more time that I noticed, and scampered off again, I never ever saw it again after that!


  1. how do you set sensitivity,is 1 or 5 the most sensitive

  2. Hi James

    The sensitivity is not scaled 1-5, that is the frequency. The 1-5 setting is for tweaking the frequency of the sound that the frostfire emits, so for example if the cats do not appear to be affected by the frostfire, change the frequency to a different number.

    The sensitivity is set using the other dial, the one with the series of small dots. The affects how easily the frostfire will trigger, so for example if the frostfire is not triggering when cats enter the area, turn the sensitivity up to the larger dots, ie clockwise.

    Hope that helps get rid of those cats for ya!

  3. Does this work on deer?

    • Hi Paula

      Yes, deer are susceptible to ultrasonic devices so the Frostfire should work. All you need to do is adjust the frequency setting until you find the deers react to the sensor :o)

  4. I just received and installed the unit so I can’t comment on its effectiveness. However, I was disappointed.
    1. There are no directions about where to set the frequency for various animals or birds. We are mainly interested in repelling cats while not repelling the quail or song birds that nest in our yard. One competitor apparently has a scale on the dial that gives this info.
    2. There is no way to connect the USB cable while using the provided stake.
    3. There are no directions or sketches showing how the stake is to be used and no suggestion about how to place it in hard soil such as we have.

  5. Hi Del

    Thanks for your feedback on this product we will amend our review to clarify these points.

    As to the correct frequency for various animals, this is usually down to trial and error, adjusting the “Freq.” knob. You are right that another repeller does give guidance on this, however it is still down to trial and error to see which setting works in each particular location.

    This Frostfire cat repeller is actually the top selling cat repeller at the moment, so I hope that in use you find it solves your cat problem :o)

  6. Is this unit frost proof you say weather proof but does this include frost and snow?

    • Hi Peter

      The manufacturer says that Frostfire cat repeller is weather proof, therefore I should think it will be fine in winter conditions with frost and snow.

  7. I just purchased thew frostfire to repell birds. How do I know when the unit is fully charged? Sometimes I see a red light blinking, some times I see a solid red light, but the instructions do not say how I identify when the unit is charging versus has a complete charge. Also, when the unit arrived yesterday, I could wave my hand in front of the unit and the lights blinked 9 times and the birds flew away. This morning when I wave my hand in front of unit, nothing happens. That is why I am trying to make sure I understand when it is charged.

    • Hi Beverly, the blinking red light is the indicator that the frostfire has been triggered – that’s why you saw it blinking when you waved your hand in front of the sensor. The steady red light is an indicator that the unit is fully charged, when it is charging the red light will flash. However this feature does seem to be inconsistent, and is not explained in the instruction manual, I will amend the review to reflect this.

    • Before using the unit for the first time make sure you charge them using the USB cable provided for 4-6 hours. I left my unit charging overnight.

      First, Turn both dials to zero (0). Charge the unit. The red light will stop blinking and turn solid when fully charged.

      Second, set the dials to your preferred scenario: Frequency (1-5) and Sensor (Lo-Hi).

      If you decide later to make changes to the settings, make sure you put the dials back to zero (0). Wait a few seconds. Then set i again. This “clears” the previous memory settings.

      I didn’t give this unit perfect stars as the instructions were not detailed. And I have still yet to find the proper setting to repel squirrels in the backyard. It was of great help repelling neighborhood cats who has been using our front porch planters as their rest stop.

      • Thanks Eric, great tips and glad to here the Frostfire is doing its job and keeping cats off your porch!

  8. I am thinking of using this to keep my cat off the roof – will trees and other things blowing in the wind set this off? And how far does the sound travel? I don’t want the cat to be hearing it when he is down in the garden if a tree sets it off from the roof…he is allowed in the garden! 🙂

    • What a great question Lisa! The answer is yes, trees moving in the wind will set it off, although these cat repellents are great at keeping cats away, they detect any movement, not specifically cats. I would be surprised if the repellent affected a cat down in the garden though so your cat should not be affected on the ground. What you would need to consider is that if you think the sensor is going to be activated a lot by a tree, the battery life would be affected. Could you turn the unit to face away from the tree?

      • Thanks for the reply!
        There are trees all around my house, but they aren’t actually in my back yard, they are neighbors trees. So if it can detect up to 15m away then the trees will set it off, but if it only goes up to say 6m I could leave it in the middle of the roof and only the cat will set it off?
        And do you mean the cat won’t hear it in the yard if it is going off on the roof because the sound doesn’t travel that far?
        It will be a miracle cure if this works and we can stop the 5am roof running race wake up call!

  9. Hi Lisa,

    You can adjust the sensitivity of the cat repeller down so that a 15m movement would not trigger. Alternatively, you can think about the location from which the cat is accessing the roof – if there is only one way up, you could protect that area rather than the roof. Let me know because there are a few different options if that is the case.

    Your cat in the yard would not be affected by an activated repeller in the middle of the roof.

    Hope that helps.

  10. HI,

    I would just like to know if the Frostfire Solar Powered Ultrasonic Cat Repeller will repel our dogs also?

    I just need something to stop our cat from going out the dog door.

    Thank you.

    • Hi

      For this problem I would suggest one of the top 3 indoor cat repellents from the front page, that would do the trick. Your dog has different hearing thresholds and should not be bothered. Hope that helps.

      • Thank you for your help.

  11. Can you tell me whether this device would scare off bats?

    • Good question Ally!

      I will look into this and post an answer shortly.

    • So yes, I looked into this and if the Frostfire cat repeller is set to frequency 5 it will repel bats!

  12. Hi, what is the best height to put the device to repel cats from a distance? Pls advise. Thank you!

    • Hi

      Anything higher than 2 metres would start to reduce the operating distance in a typical set up, so I would recommend only around 1 to 1.5 metres high.

  13. How long it takes to charge for the first time?

    • Hi Lilian

      It takes the frostfire around 3 – 4 hours to charge for the first time. Sounds like you are desperate to start preventing cats getting into your garden lol.

  14. Is this repeller harmful to childrens ears?

    • Hi

      The sounds emitted by these devices are in the range above what humans can hear, so no risk :o)

  15. Directions do not include how often repeller needs to be recharged. How long does a charge typically last? Do I look to see if the red light is flashing? Altho I purchased the solar model,our patio will not get the needed sunlight to charge the unit, so it will have to be charged with cord.

    • Hi Janet
      The amount of time that owners get out of one charge is entirely dependant on the Frostfire usage so it is impossible to say, particularly with the solar powered model.

      If the unit sits untriggered for 90% of the day, one charge should last 2 or 3 months. However if the Frostfire is constantly triggered, perhaps by plants, people, or animals, then it would require a recharge more often, perhaps even once every 2 weeks. However in this case I would recommend reconsidering where to site the unit to avoid false triggers.

      Also please note that your solar unit does not require to be in direct sunlight to charge, you may therefore find that you get a longer period of use between charges than you expected.

  16. Do the batteries have to be charge inside the repeller via the USB cable or can you charge them in a battery charger then put them back in the repeller. I recently purchased a battery charger and fully charged the 3 batteries then put them back in the repeller but the red light just continually flashed.

    • Hi Kal

      Batteries can be charged using any suitable device.

      A flashing red light is an indicator that the unit is being activated. Is there a continuous movement in front of the device, like a bush being moved by the wind? If you take the frostfire and bring it indoors and face it on the floor towards a wall, does the red light still flash?

      • I used the USB cable this morning for about an hour and it seems to of reset it and now it doesn’t flash when facing the wall.
        Thanks for your quick response.

        • Hi Kal

          Great, please let us know how you get on with the Frostfire – it’s the most popular cat repellent right now.

  17. I want to keep a neighbor’s cat out of my yard at night, so that it won’t come up to the window and scare my cat through the window pane. If the neighbor’s cat sets off the Frostfire outside in the yard, will the sound affect my cat who is inside the house?

    • Hi Jessica

      If you place the device outside your house, facing away from the window, it would be extremely unlikely that your own cat would hear it indoors. These are extrememly high frequencies that do not travel well through solid objects. Good luck!

  18. Should the white three lights always flash when an animal is detected? What is the purpose of the flashing white lights? When should they flash?

    • Hi Kevin

      Yes the manual is very poor in this respect so it does not fully explain the lights on the Frostfire.

      With your unit switched on, when you activate it by moving your hand infront of it do the white lights flash briefly, then stop when there is no activity? This would be normal behavior for the Frostfire.

  19. Does this work to keep geese out of your yard, I have about a 200 foot span I need to keep them from crossing? There are trees to the right of where this would be and at the end of the 200 feet.

    • Hi, no sorry an ultrasonic deterrent will not be effective against geese, however I did find this Geese deterrent – check it at

  20. Hi, is there a way to not use the white led lights?


    • Hi Marc there is no way to switch the white light off on the frostfire – is this an issue for you?

  21. Red light flashing constant.
    Do i need to charge my alarm up again? Used for months no problems.
    It just flashes all the time.

    • The flashing lights are not explained in the manual unfortunately, have you tried putting a new battery in?

  22. I count back yard birds for bird studies Canada. Will this dvice repell the song birds?

    • Hi Maxine, in my experience ultrasonic cat repellents do not deter birds – in fact I have seen birds stick around longer than usual, during one of my tests!

  23. This is brilliant I used to be forever cleaning cat mess from under my trees but since day 1 nothing.
    Although my unit is partly in the shade even in the winter it only needs a top up charge once a week and takes about 10 minutes so must be getting enough from the sun.
    I would have give it top marks but the strobe light has only ever worked twice.

    • That’s awesome feedback Neil, thank you for taking the time to post.

  24. I want to keep cats away from my backyard and specifically away from my bird feeders. Will this scare my birds away?

    • Hi Ann, simply put, yes it will :o)

      Over 80% of users report success with this cat repellent according to our research. Hope that helps!

  25. Hi, what is the best frequency setting for cats?

  26. We’ve had ours for about a month and it seems to be working. I would just like to comment on the charging issue. When I plug the USB cable in I get a solid red light and there’s never been any blinking so I never know exactly when the unit is fully charged. Also the distances and sensitivity settings are not real clear in the instructions, I more or less have to experiment until see no more cat droppings in my yard. That’s why I give it only a 3.

    • Hi Larry

      Thanks for this information, it is a pity that the documentation with the Frostfire isn’t better, but it is good to hear that it is doing a good job keeping cats away for you. If you have a water supply, remember that water repellents are very good at keeping cats from coming into your yard.

  27. I am assuming that the 3 AA batteries are rechargeible. Is that correct?

  28. Hi is this armful to dogs
    M Dickson

    • Hi, and good question! Cats and dogs hear at different frequency levels, so this will not be an issue for dogs :o)

  29. I attempted to recharge the unit after a year in a sunny part of the garden but there are no lights on at all whether constant or flashing and I have been unable to find instructions online. I would also like to know what which setting relate to cats and foxes. Are they different? Do the batteries need replacing? At the moment our garden smells like a cat lavatory. Can anyone direct me to a source for these.

    • Hi John

      If no lights are showing, I would suggest taking it in and using the supplied USB cable to see if the cat repeller unit shows signs on life – let me know.

  30. We bought a couple of the cat repellents in 2015 and are pleased with the effects. Somewhere we lost the instructions that came with it and are wanting to change the frequency to repel larger animals…….deer, specifically. Is there someplace where I can get the instructions for this?

    • Hi Donna, good to know that this cat repellent is working well for you. The bundled instructions for the Frostfire were actually not very good however I will try and secure a copy of them for you.
      What to remember though is to turn the dials to zero, wait a few seconds, then turn them to your new settings. This is to clear previous settings from memory.

  31. I want to control the time the unit is on using a time switch if I remove the rechargeable batteries and connect the supply using the usb via a time switch will the output not be affected

    • Hi David

      As you’ve probably realised while this is a great device for keeping cats away, the instructions are not the most detailed.

      However, I think I am correct in saying that the USB is for charging the device only, so putting a timer on it will not make any difference as the solar power will drive the device.

      You would be better looking at a device that is powered by a mains adapter, and use your timer with that. I think you are in the UK so take a look at the catwatch
      cat repellent at

  32. Took the unit out of the box, charged it with the USB charger all night and the red light is still flashing. It will not go solid. Do you think the batteries are bad?

    • Before returning it I would test it to see if it is operational, ie, you should be able to faintly hear the device’s ultrasonic noise when it activates.

      • Still didn’t work. Installed new batteries and it charges fine now. Might have just been on the shelf too long? Got a second one and it charges fine, so we’re off to see if we can get the feral cat to go elsewhere…

        • Hey Mitch thanks for the update. The frostfire is very popular here and your feedback will be of interest to other users.
          Please come back and tell us if it was successful at keeping the problem cat out of your yard.

  33. Have a older one that came with a plug in 120 v electrical charger outlet which works fine. Purchased a new 1 now that came with a USB plug in charger. These both are exactly the same model number. I tried using the new 1 with this charger for 3 days & still blinking. Does not charge fully> so now I plugged into USB port on my computer to charge but after 6 hours still blinking. What is wrong here. Will it work or are batteries not well???

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