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Contech CatStop Ultrasonic Outdoor Cat Deterrent

Contech CatStop Ultrasonic Outdoor Cat Deterrent

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Since we started using these, we do not have a cat problem.”

By Molly at Petco

Before we get into this review I want to make something clear about this cat repellent – it DOES work and it works very well. However you will see some negative reviews on, but do not let this put you off; I am convinced this is because some people are not using it properly!

Cats learn the trigger areas and will avoid these areas to gain access to gardens. However if you place the catstop with some thought instead of just planting it anywhere and expecting it to work miracles, you will succeed in keeping the cats out of the garden. See our tips below for our best advice, follow these tips and ignore any negative reviews you might see, just look at all the people who are loving this cat repeller!

Anyway, on with our review, remember to check out our tips section below!

The Contech CatStop Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent is one of the most popular ultrasonic cat deterrents on  the market. It operates in much the same way as other similar devices by emitting a piercing high frequency whenever its motion detector is activated. Cats cannot stand this irritating noise, even though it is in-audible to humans….


Catstop Customer Satisfaction

contechcatstop review stats

The above graphic illustrates how actual customers rate Contech Catstop repeller at repelling cats. The statistics have been collated from numerous sources including Amazon and Petco. This is the best way to gauge how effective this device is at keeping cats out.

In accordance with our unique customer ratings analysis, our world-wide aggregated customer review score above eliminates irrelevant or invalid reviews, giving you the best independent indication anywhere of true customer satisfaction!


How the Contech CatStop Ultrasonic repels cats

The CatStop only needs a 9 volt battery to operate, there are no settings or complex setup procedures. Simply place it in your garden with an unobstructed light of sight to the problematic area. Cat’s quickly learn that the area is not comfortable for them, and test have shown even if the battery runs flat, cats will not return.


CatStop Ultrasonic Feature list

Here’s the features list for this model.

  • 80 degrees coverage angle
  • 20 feet detection
  • 3-4 month battery life (low traffic)
  • 9-volt alkaline battery or 9-Volt AC adapter (available for purchase separately).
  • Active Red LED
  • Output frequency: sweeping from 21-25 KHZ.
  • Water resistant 

Contech CatStop Images

Advantages of the Contech CatStop

  • Humane
  • Sweeping frequency annoys all cats
  • Effective protection for cars and gardens
  • Effective against a large variety of intruders including cats
  • Covers large area suitable for big gardens (5000 sq. feet)
  • chemical free – child safe
  • low maintenance, set it up, job done.
  • AC Adapter 100V-240V Included


  • 6m meter range makes it suitable for small gardens only
  • Battery operated means remembering to change the battery, CatStop adapter is available for constant power, see below.



Use the table below to check what animals are affected by the CatStop Ultrasonic

Human hearing can pick up frequencies up to 20KHz. The CatStop operates just above this at 23KHz, therefore most humans will not notice the catstop working at all. Depending on individual hearing sensitivity, some humans may develop a perception of when the device is triggered, but it would not be uncomfortable.
Birds are not affected at all by the CatStop, therefore this unit can be used safely where birds are nesting.
It is possible some dog breeds may be able to hear the CatStop frequency, as their range is not the same as cats, dogs will not be disturbed by the unit.

Tips for the Contech CatStop

CatStop Ultrasonic is compatible withe the Catstop Power Adapter, negating the need for  a battery. This is especially useful when the device is being activated regularly, whether it be pests or humans!


Contech CatStop Power Adapter

Contech CatStop Power Adapter


Tip 1 : When you place the catstop, give it some thought! You must aim it at the area the cats are using to get into the garden, or out from the areas the cats are attracted to.

Tip 2 : Every few weeks move the catstop to a new location. The catsfind this VERY frustrating because they will get caught out and suffer the consequences just after the think they have learned how to avoid the sensor.

Follow these two tips and you will be a happy gardener!



The Contech CatStop Ultrasonic Outdoor Cat Deterrent is quite a task specific unit, by that we mean it targets cats and nothing else. If you are having issues with other pests or dogs, you may wish to consider a more feature heavy device, for example a scarecrow sprinkler. However if your problem is specifically with cats, then the CatStop is a great device with virtually no set-up, is inexpensive, and risk free.

We like this unit, and so do a lot of existing customers.


Customer Reviews for the Contech Catstop

Rab from verified owner

Unlike a lot of other owners of this device, I didn’t want to scare cats away, I just wanted to keep my own cats out of their favorite place, which happened to be my bath! They hated the catstop more than they hated me shouting at them, that is quite evident!

CallumB74 from mailbag
Initially I was surprised how small the catstop is, but I was even happier when I saw how effective it was! Thanks for your review.
hometownboy from mailbag
I was surprised how long the battery have lasted, I kind of expected to be replacing them regularly, but it is still working great after 3 months!
Molly from
Since we started using these, we do not have a cat problem. The catstop works great and now the cats do not even try to come in the front yard
dequis from
We mounted it on the wall and we have not had paw prints on the car for over 2 weeks now! I would recommend this to anyone.


  1. We got this because we were fed up with stepping on cat mess when cutting the grass, never seen a cat in the garden since!

  2. I’m curious about placement of the CatStop…we have a lot of ferals that come up on our porch to sunbathe/sleep/play. Should I place this on the porch itself or at the bottom of the porch steps? There is a garden next to the porch. The last sonic repellent I used didn’t seem to make any difference and I could hear the noise. I had it on the bottom porch step and in the morning, the cats greeted me at my front door. I need to keep them off the porch but am having a difficult time trying to do so. Thanks for any advice.

    • Hi

      I’ll be honest, if you have already tried an ultrasonic device and it was working correctly but did not keep the feral cats away, it’s unlikely that another device using the same technology would work.

      In this case I would suggest one of the water repellents that I have reviewed on this site. Cats might be able to withstand the annoyance of an ultrasonic for a short period of time, but they will NOT stick around if they are getting sprayed with a jet of water!

      Let me know how you get on, but I am sure this would solve your feral cat problem immediately.

      • Thanks for your response. The ultrasonic device I tried seems to lose it’s charge overnight…wondering if this is normal? I will try to water repellent…hopefully that will work!

        • High, definately not – in my experience a single 9v battery in an ultrasonic cat repellent should last around a month even with heavy use (ie a lot of activations).

          If it is feasible for you to set up a water device, I am sure that will solve your particular cat issue – please let me know!

  3. I bought your original Contech Catstop many years ago and have found nothing else to work as well so intended to purchase more BUT where are they? The only original one on Amazon says it’s over $400 and the other is not available. Hope they are out there somewhere to purchase.

  4. Hello
    I have one contech cat stop since so much few year. I stay a long time without use it. Now, i want to use it again. i put a battery. Light turn on a few seconde as it say in de manual. So I put it in place. This time i need it inside. And then nothing. I change battery for a new one . Nothing ….

    Help ?

  5. I have many neighborhood cats that enter through the doggie door at night. my chihuahua grew up with a cat so she has not problem with them. they have sprayed in a couple areas of the home. will this hard the dog if I put outside by the doggie door. I need to leave it available for the dog at night.

    • Hi Timothy

      We have not received any reports that this device impacts on dogs at all, so we would not expect any issue for your dog using the flap. Good luck with those cats, let us know how it goes.

  6. Is this device activated by garden bushes blowing in the wind?

    • Hi

      Any movement sets this cat repellent off, so it is best to face it away from bushes.

  7. can i mount this in the window inside and the signal will work someone stole my last one or the cat lover took it at night she walks about 3 to 4 pass my car they jump on top and slide down the windshield walk across the hood scratching it up.

    • I feel your pain – I just found new evidence of a car sleeping on my car bonnet this week!!

      To answer your question though, it is unlikely the repellent device will be effective from inside, as the window will dampen the high frequency sound. I would recommend, when you order a new one, order an inexpensive security camera too.

  8. Worked really well, but another battery is not working>

  9. The Yard Sentinal you guys have listed to represent you has an Amazon approval rating of 39%.
    That is horrible. Please update your reviews.

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