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Catscram Electronic Cat Repellent

Catscram Electronic Cat Repellent

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 “I can’t say enough great things about this product to do it justice…. It simply works… period!!!!” 

by isee

There are many ultrasonic cat repellents on the market these days as cat fowling is a big problem for gardeners, but controlling pet cats when indoors is just as big a problem. The Catscram ultrasonic repellent is pretty much unique in it’s claim that the noise it emits is totally inaudible to humans. With some cat repellents some humans can faintly hear the high pitched squeal it emits when activated, CatScram’s claim is that this noise is totally inaudible to humans.  This might be a key selling point to you if you have had a similar device in the past and its operation has bothered you, however, the noise is so faint, and for sure cannot be heard indoors, we are sure this is really a big bonus if haring the whine of an ultrasonic cat repellent has bothered you in the past.

Most ultrasonic devices are sold to protect gardens, however this device is targeted at indoor applications, to keep pet cats off worktops, tables, furniture, or out of certain room or areas.


Catscram Customer Satisfaction


catscram review stats


In accordance with our unique customer ratings analysis, our world-wide aggregated customer review score above eliminates irrelevant or invalid reviews, giving you the best independent indication anywhere of true customer satisfaction!

The above graphic illustrates how actual customers rate Catscram at repelling cats. The statistics have been collated from numerous sources including Amazon and Petco. This is the best way to gauge how effective this device is at keeping cats out.

Let’s check out the main features and review the Catscram cat repellent…


How the Catscram Electronic Cat Repellent repels cats

The Catscram device works just like any other ultrasonic deterrent, after it is activated by the built in motion detector it emits a short 4 second burst of ultrasound that is uncomfortable for cats, forcing them to move on to another area.


Catscram Electronic Cat Repellent Feature list

Here’s the features list for this model.

  • Suitable for indoors
  • Quick and Easy Setup
  • Totally silent
  • Passive Infrared sensor
  • 9-volt alkaline power
  • Low battery indicator
  • Activation LED for testing purposes
  • 6 to 15 foot range
  • Power Adapter available


Catscram Electronic Cat Repellent Images

Advantages of the Catscram Electronic Cat Repellent

  • Excellent for indoor applications


LED Light Indicator Information

Use the table below to understand the LED messages this device uses.

When switched on, CatScram warms up for 40 seconds. During this time, the LED flashes once per 1.4 seconds for the first 32 seconds and increases to 4 flashes per 1.4 seconds during the last 8 seconds.
After it is warmed up, CatScram goes to work. The unit emits a series of pulsating ultrasonic waves for 4 seconds each time movement is detected and the LED flashes 4 time simultaneously.
During the 40-second, warm-up period, if “Low Battery” occurs, the battery voltage is 7 volts or less. The LED will continue 8 flashes and the unit will shut down. Replace the battery immediately.

Tips for the Catscram Electronic Cat Repellent

For use indoors to keep cats clear of certain household areas, place the Catscram around 3 foot level above the floor.  This provides a detection distance of 15 feet in a 90 degree arc.  For stove top or table top protection, place the device at the back of the counter.



The Catscram Electronic Cat Repellent is unique in it’s aim to keep parts of your home free of your pet cat, without annoying the owner with a constant squealing noise. If your primary concern therefore is indoors, and not outdoors, this would be the device for you!

Please see our review for the catscram power adapter, it’s pretty much an essential optional accessory for the catscram!


Customer Reviews for the Catscram Electronic Cat Repellent

isee from our mailbag
… I got this device for my indoor “bad” cats who started using my dining room instead of their perfectly clean litter boxes.., I tried several chemical pherimore dispersers, other non-harmful devices…. and not one of them worked, … The Cat Scram, however, worked unbelievably on the first go around! I can’t say enough great things about his product to do it justice…. It simply works… period!!!! Get it, don’t be afraid to put it in your house, like I have done, and be forever free of misbehaving cats! I am sooooo thrilled…. get one of these systems
from our mailbag
Purchased because my cat was persistently spraying around the entire house.  I have this set up in doorways and the cat never goes near the room, its fantastic.
from our mailbag
I was looking for something to keep my cats from using the dog door while still allowing the dogs complete access in and out day and night. I have 2 declawed rescue cats, one is 4 and the other is 8 years old. They are both well adjusted happy house cats who love attention and are nothing near “scaredy cats”. This worked immediately for them. The crossed in front of it, the light flashed, they looked around and bolted for the upstairs. Needless to say that I am thrilled as the alternatives were a costly system that required putting heavy collars on the cats that would warn and shock them when they went into a “zone” or closing the dog door and managing the dogs potty breaks. I am so happy with the Catscram, I don’t worry about the cats getting out and the dogs are thrilled to have inside/outside access at their leisure. I would and have recommended Catscram to family and friends. Can’t believe it works.. but it does!
from BookofJoe
Actually, I’ve had pretty good luck with the Catscram. It didn’t work well on our older, diabetic cat — I think he was partially deaf. But it annoys Bart enough to make him not want to linger near them.
------ from BookofJoe
I got a CatScram as a handmedown because I have 5 cats, all of which prefer the dining room floor to any of the litter boxes. I have to clean the floor at least once or twice a day from them and ever since I put the thing on the floor in the area that they always pee, I haven’t had a puddle in over a week. I didn’t believe it would work and would have never bought one because of that, but I am now looking for a second for the spare bedroom floor. Worth a try if you find it cheap or have the option of returning it.


  1. Hello,
    How effective this device against cats above my ceiling?

  2. Wow, that’s a great question Ben! It’s not a situation I have come across to be honest, do you mean you have problems with cats on your property roof? If so, I would probably recommend the Yard Sentinel because it is design for outdoor use. Just get one of those and place at the point the cat is actually using to get onto the roof. Or, you could even put this ultrasonic cat repellent on the roof where you are seeing the cat, if you can gain access. Here’s the link to the product anyway, hope it is of assistance to ridding you of this cat problem!!

  3. Hi, i am looking for something to deter my cat from going on the indoor window ledge…would this work?

    • Hi

      Yes, this is exactly what the catscram was invented for, indoor situations. Actually, this indoor device outsells outdoor devices, so from that we can conclude that there are more cat “owners” looking for cat repellents than non-owners trying to keep cats off their property, which is quite strange. I don’t have a cat but I am interested to hear why you need to keep you cat away from the window, is it leaving hair, or scratching your surfaces?

      • Its for both those reasons, shes a little brat with the window sill, plus an older home so I am worried about long term damage to the sill.

        • Well I am sure the catscram will do the job, please do come back and let us know what you think!

          • does the link to amazon ship to the uk?

  4. Hi

    For UK cat repellents you should click the Green CLICK HERE button at the top of the page, it takes you to our UK cat repellent devices from Any of the ultrasonic devices there would also suit your purpose. Hope that helps. UK devices here >

  5. Will it work at floor level–like under a grand piano?

    • Hey Stev

      Absolutely it will work at ground level! The catscram is great indoors and will keep cats away from your piano, or any other area you wish to keep cat free.

  6. I want to keep an outdoor bully cat away from my window — the bully cat terrorizes my indoor cat through the window. If I put the catscram outdoors to keep away the outdoor cat, will my indoor cat be disturbed? In other words, will my cat be able to hear the noise from indoors?

  7. I purchased CatScram today which should arrive next week so I cannot attest to its effectiveness just yet. My issue is that stray cats have been sleeping on the hood of my shiny new car, leaving hair, saliva stains, paw prints, and even scratches. You can imagine the frustration I experience the morning after a car wash!
    My car is parked in a big garage of a condominium building, so I anticipate pushback from the HOA board if I decide to leave the device outside of my car. I was going to place it on the dashboard of my locked car but wasn’t sure if it would be effective through the glass. 1) Is the product effective through the windshield of a locked car? 2) If not, where/how do you suggest placing/using the device for it to be effective in my specific situation?

    • Hi Sonny, sorry to hear about your issue – you might already know if you’ve read around my site, that it is the very same issue that made me into the cat repellent expert I’ve become lol. A cat was sleeping on my car roof and leaving scratch marks on the paintwork, which was intolerable!

      It is more difficult for you in your parking situation, being a public area. I am afraid an ultrasonic device will not be effective inside the car, the windows will severely limit the travel of the sonics.

      The only place you could place it would be on the roof, or more feasibly, if you could park you car somewhere that was close to an obscure ledge or wall, you could place the device on their pointing at the roof of your car. Unfortunately if it was not obscure, you might find someone takes it for their own garden though :o(

      Sorry I could not be of much more help, good luck with this issue!

  8. Hi!
    Will this work to deter our cats from entering out baby’s room and ultimately her cot?
    Many thanks,

    • Hi Ell

      To keep a pet cat out of a childs room I would recommend a physical measure before an ultrasonic one. An ultrasonic like the catscram will make a room uncomfortable for a cat and convince them to leave, but you really want to prevent access completely.

      So for this I would recommend a mat.

      Have a look at this mat

      Or this one,

      They should both do the job for you :o)

  9. cant seem to order to canada

  10. I am checking into the various types of cat deterrents for my Parents cat. Her cat is strictly an indoor cat but is constantly trying to get out the door whenever someone opens it. The cat has managed to get out several time this week.
    The doorway is a sliding glass door and there is a wall space of about 14 inches from the wall to where the door slides shut. Which product would be recommended to keep Ruth from wanting to get outside?

    • Hi LJ

      This should be quite simply resolved using one of the cat mats reviewed in the indoor cat repellent section.

      I would suggest the battery powered model placed inside the door way.

      Hope that helps!

  11. I love this more claw marks in my new leather couch….I was just curious about one thing I can’t find an answer to…what does the green light indicate??

    • Hi

      Ah yes, the mystery of the green light on the catscram. There is nothing in the instructions for the catscram that reveal the purpose of this light however we have found during testing that it starts to flash when the battery is low on power.

      Hope that helps.

  12. Hi I wanted to know what the range is. I have a kitten who loves to climb into my bed in the middle of the night and no matter how many times I put her down she climbs her way back up. The issue is that I have a fairly small studio apartment and don’t necessarily want to deny her access to almost half of the space but just the bed. Any help would be greatly appreciated

    • Hi Elizabeth.

      Ha, so you like her in the room but not on the bed, that’s a tricky one because I would have recommended one of the mats in the doorway to stop her coming in. How about put the mat out at the doorway when you get ready to retire? That will give you peace at night…?

  13. I read your response to the green light where you said it could indicate that the battery is running low. However, I recently purchased an adapter for my device so I wouldn’t have to use batteries anymore. The light still blinks green. Now what?

    • Hi again Cindy
      Let me look into this for you, check back soon I will find out!

    • Does it blink green non-stop for more than 1 minute?

      I’m wondering if it is in warm up mode or trigger mode, as described in the review above…?

      • The green light blinks about every 4 or 5 seconds. I’ve been using the adaptor for 2 days. Could my device be defective?

        • I’ll check with the manufacturer for you….please wait.

  14. This does not work with my older Bengal cat – 15years old. Is Cat Scram coming out with a device that will work with older cats that have lost some of their upper hearing range?

  15. How long is the delay before the noise or squirt is activated? 30 seconds is to long since my cats are long gone before that time

    • It’s virtually instant, so the moment your cat triggers the catscram, it will get a fright, effectively training it to stay away.

  16. I have a dog and a cat. Will the device affect the dog? I want to keep the cat off the table and countertop, but I don’t want the dog to be bothered by it.

  17. My cat sleeps in the kitchen. If I put a Catscram in to prevent him from climbing up on the high canopy above the kitchen units and setting off the house alarm, will this make the room unsuitable for him to sleep in?
    Lorraine Manning

    • Hi Lorraine

      The catscram is ideal for kitchen use, but I would also recommend the ssscat for indoor use. You can see a video of the ssscat deterring cats on my review page at

      I would place either of the cat trainers near to the point that your cat is jumping up the the canopy. Let me know how you get on!

  18. Can the CatScram be laid on its side or does it have to stand up?

    • HI Jack – it will sill work laid on its side, but you would need to be careful that the sensor was not obscured or else it will not pick up cat movement.

  19. how does it affect dogs? trying to keep cats out of basement, but don’t want to bother dog

    • Hi Mary, dogs hearing range is different from cats and should not be affected by the catscram – they will not hear it.

  20. Hi guys. I’ve spent hours trying to find a solution to stop my 2 Bengals from going into bedrooms and escaping out the front door every chance they get. Have come across the catscram but can’t seem to find an answer to this question. Hope you can help. If I place the catscram near the frot door or near a bedroom door and a person or one of the cats sets it off how close does the other cat have to be to be affected? I don’t want to punish a well behaved cat every time someone comes in the door just because she is near by.
    Thank you.

    • HI Michelle, sorry for the late reply. You make a valid point, and this is why an ultrasonic solution like this is not what would work for you. There is a product desgined for exactly your problem – scatmat, find it at

  21. Where doi buy one from can’t find it on Amazon


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