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Hoont Cobra Upgraded Sprinkler Cat Repeller

Hoont Cobra Upgraded Sprinkler Cat Repeller

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 “tried different types of cat repeller – this one was the most fun AND effective”

By Miller (verified owner)

When water spray cat repellent manufacturer Contech went out of business, it made a bit of a hole in the sprinkler corner of the cat deterrent market as their scarecrow model had been our most recommended cat repellent at the time. In fact, it only left four cat repellent sprinklers that we could recommend. Of those 4, the Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer was our top pick. While we have proved that ultrasonic cat repellents do work, there is no denying that a small percentage of gardeners seem to have issues with ultrasonics. However, there is absolutely no denying that cats hate water, and even more so being sprayed with water unexpectedly, which is why animal deterrent sprayers are arguably the best way to keep cats out of gardens and yards.

So, when we heard that animal deterrent specialist manufacturer Hoont had just updated their Cobra Jet Spray, we just had to take a closer look at this animal repeller and see if it was a suitable replacement for the now defunct Contech device. The fact that Hoont have marketed this product at a clear price point below the Orbit repeller was another good reason to take a look at the Cobra Jet Spray.  We want to give a quick thank you to our friends at The Petite Garden Centre for allowing us to try out the Cobra Unit!

Hoont Cobra Customer Satisfaction

hoont cobra customer satisfaction

In accordance with our unique customer ratings analysis, our world-wide aggregated customer review score above eliminates irrelevant or invalid reviews, giving you the best independent indication anywhere of true customer satisfaction!

The above graphic illustrates how actual customers rate the Hoont Cobra at repelling cats. The statistics have been collated from numerous sources including Amazon, Petco and other online retailers. This is the best way to gauge how effective this device is at keeping cats out.

The results of our Hoont Cobra analysis shown above were based on almost 200 verified owner reviews we found on the internet. The aggregated score made this the most popular water sprinkler cat deterrent we have analysed.

How the Hoont Cat Repeller Repels Cats

In short, if there is one thing that cats universally hate its water, if there is one thing they hate more – it’s being sprayed unexpectedly with water! And this is where the Hoont Cobra comes into play, firing out a jet powerful enough to reach invading animals, but not so powerful as to hurt any animals. These annoying squirts of water while very upsetting for a very short period of time, actual train animals to stay away. Animals, cats, birds and squirrels for example, all learn by experience and they remember their experiences very well – right down to the precise location it happened. This is one reason all cat repellents are so effective, they only have to work once, and animals are wary for life.

The Hoont Cobra frightens animals away with a short squirt encouraging them to go and find somewhere more peaceful to carry on with their business – whether that is foraging for food and destroying yards in the process, or leaving their faeces. which is a health risk.  Don’t let them do this in your yard – it’s a simple and inexpensive fix to employ the use of a quick set up cat repellent such as this.

Let’s take a close look at the features of the Hoont Cobra animal repeller, and why these features make it our #1 recommended spray deterrent.

Hoont Cobra Cat Repeller Feature list

Here’s the features list for this model.

  • Effective against all critters and animals (even deaf ones!)
  • Easy two step installation; plunge it into the ground, connect a hose – you are good to go!
  • 5 second activation – enough to deter cats, short enough to conserve water use.
  • Long 30 foot detection range
  • Wide 120 degree coverage
  • Over 600 square feet of coverage
  • Night and Day protection
  • Small 5 x 5 x 8.62 inches footprint
  • Lightweight 1.55 pounds
  • No mains required, only 2 x AA batteries (not included)
  • Motion detector included
  • Water Sprayer included
  • Hose Connection Included
  • Stake Included
  • Owners Instruction Manual included

Hoont Cobra Animal Repeller Images

Advantages of the Hoont Cobra Cat Repeller

  • Huge 600 ft coverage with wide 120 degree motion detector
  • Very high customer satisfaction levels
  • Extremely easy and quick set up
  • Protects gardens, pools, driveways   anywhere you can reach a hose to!
  • We like the easy access to the front loaded battery
  • Sturdy metal stake suitable for most ground conditions

hoont cobra


  • We like to balance our cat repellent reviews with opposing views, but really there is nothing to dislike about this cat repeller. The plastic hose connection drew our attention, but it seems sturdy enough and showed no signs of movement or weakness when we stress tested it with numerous rigorous connections, so there really is nothing to worry about with this particular animal deterrent.


The Hoont Cobra comes with a standard hose connector so you can plug your hose right in with its existing connector piece. If you need additional connectors for garden appliances, you can get multi-packs here.

This unit has crazy detection distances. When we were testing we were right at the perimeter of our 60 foot garden and it was still activating the moment we moved into its detection cone. We recommend that you test this in your own garden and use the adjustment dial on the rear to make sure it is not activating when people walk past your property, or when neighbouring trees blow in the wind!
The duration of the spray in our testing was between 3 and 5 seconds. As it only requires to be a very short burst – this is ample to deter cats, after all, the device is only meant to scare them off, not give them a bath… 
Feral cats absolutely hate water deterrents – the Hoont Cobra is therefore perfect for keeping feral cats out of your yard. 
The height of the spray is adjustable,  so you can aim down for cats and rats, and up a little for birds or larger animals that you wish to keep out.
Although we did not try this (we do not have a pool!), during our research we did read customer testimony that the Hoont Cobra did a great job of keeping duck out of pools and ponds. Although these birds are used to wet weather, they most certainly did not appreciate the surprise soaking.

Tips for the Hoont Cobra Cat Repeller

Our top tip is to buy 2! Considering that this hoont cobra routinely retails at almost half the price of our previously top recommended water repellent, you can basically have two for the price of one. Seriously though, as there is no doubt that this IS an effective cat repellent, consider the area you wish to protect and if one is going to be enough to cover that area, and any points of entry you have noticed that the cats like.

If you do use two in tandem to increase your protection level, sit back and enjoy the show when an unsuspecting critter wanders in to your yard, it can be hilarious!


As you can probably tell if you read our review and did not skip straight to this conclusion, but we really like this cat repeller. We like it because it WORKS and we like it because it is relatively INEXPENSIVE.

You cannot go wrong with this model, cats are gone for good!

Customer Reviews for the Hoont Cobra Cat Repeller

Jayes from hoont

This pest repeller is awesome and so much fun to watch! It works great! I highly recommend this to anyone with a similar problem.

TeeG from hoont

I like it and it works well … I have it at the end part of my flower garden so the dogs and other animals don’t go into it. You can insert the spike to make it really tall with an extender or shorter without the extender inserted before the spike. I’d recommend it.

GS from hoont

It isn’t harmful, but it does encourage them to stay out of our yard. It is also water saving because it only comes on when something comes into its 30ft range. I would recommend this to anyone who has a problem with pests, but wants a nontoxic, harmless way to deal with them.

DC from hoont

I have been looking all over for a great sprinkler/water jet for my law and I have finally found one that works very well. I gave this product a five star rating due to the fact that the water jet is super easy to set up and take down for my daily water care for my lawn.  Overall I would highly highly recommend this product because it’s very well built and super reliable toward my every day lawn work.

Amy from hoont

It has worked. Who would have though a few batteries and a hose could be so entertaining!!!! We now have baby grass starting to come up. Thankfully!!!!

Chen from hoont

I have a bunch of cats coming in my yard from my neighbors house, so I have tried several different things to deter them from wanting to come in my yard, nothing really worked. This water blaster does work at the disdain of my neighbor I like this option because it will not harm the animal but just scare them away and give your yard a spritz at the same time.

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