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X-Mat Foldable Training Mat for cats

X-Mat Foldable Training Mat for cats

  • Value
  • Effectiveness
This works great, have it on my favorite chair, and my cat will no longer go on the chair


How the X-Mat Foldable Training Mat Repels Cats

The X-MAT Extra Foldable Pet Training Aid’s is designed with a series of small bumps that cats find uncomfortable to walk, sit or lie on. Cats soon realise that the area the mat is placed in is not comfortable and become conditioned to stay away.

This mat is especially attractive to cat owners who do not wish to use an electric mat to keep their cats off surfaces or out of indoor areas, as this mat does not cause pain or suffering, only mild discomfort for a short period of time.

Owners report that the X-mat can be relocated around the home and cats will still avoid any area that was once protected by the mat.

How To Use the X-Mat

Once unpacked all you have to do is place the mat in the area you wish to protect, with the bumpy side face up, and that’s it. This has to be the quickest easiest cat repellent we have ever seen.


X-Mat Foldable Training Mat Feature list

A feature list for a plastic mat? Really? Oh well if you must….

  • Foldable for easy storage or transport to various location (rooms or holiday homes)
  • 18″ (46cm) square
  • No power required (!)
  • It’s square
  • Very Square
  • Did we say it was 18″?

 X-Mat Foldable Training Mat Images

Advantages of the X-Mat Foldable Training Mat

  • Highly portable
  • Very square
  • Inexpensive
  • Good customer satisfaction rate


  • Covers only a small area


The X-Mat Foldable Training Mat does what it is supposed to do, deters cats from sitting on your favorite furniture or surface. Although it is inexpensive compared to other cat repellents, some may feel that it is overpriced for what is essentially a sheet of plastic. We feel there are less expensive ways or creating a no-walk zone for cats, so although we like the simplicity, we are marking it down for the price.


Customer Reviews for the Contech StayAway

Adam from EntirelyPets
This works great, have it on my favorite chair, and my cat will no longer go on the chair
Jean from EntirelyPets
This was an excellent purchase. My cat doesn’t get anywhere near my chair now. This thing works fantastic. I highly recommend this.
Weesie from from EntirelyPets
This is a great product to keep cats off of your counters, good furniture or away from your plants. Have many of them and would recommend them very highly.


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