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Christmas Tree Cat Defender

Christmas Tree Cat Defender

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“A practical and effective method of solving a Christmas worry”

How to keep cats out of Christmas tree

If you have problems with cats taking too much interest in your Christmas tree, and you are desperately wondering how to keep cats out of your Christmas tree this is the solution for you. Although it is only to be expected that all the shiny balls and sparkly decorations catch the eye of an inquisitive cat, and the tree trunk is just asking to be clawed, it is not a pleasant sight to find your Christmas tree and its lovely decorations destroyed when you least expect it.

There is also the safety consideration; if a cat were to pull a tree down, it could end up harming itself. Also, as I discovered, Christmas tree baubles are very easy to smash, and those tiny shards can make a real mess of a cats mouth. There is a second concern with cats and trees, and this one is voiced by many cat owners – are Christmas trees poisonous to cats? Whether you have a real or imitation tree, the real major concern for cats is not poisoning, it is electrocution, or severe injury from broken glass decorations. Whichever of these concerns you most, this product is about to make your day (or Christmas), as it solves the problem, forever.

So, for the sake of your cats health and your own sanity at Christmas, thank the lord for Pet Guardian who came up with this clever product to cat proof your Christmas tree and save your Christmas from an unfortunate disaster.


How the Christmas Tree Defender Keeps Cats Away

This is a mat not dis-similar to the Scat Mat, however there is no need for batteries or a power supply, it is designed to work purely by the clever barrier system design. The plastic sections of the Christmas tree defender prevent cats from climbing up the the trunk of the tree. Cats find it impossible to bypass the sections of the defender as it forms a complete barrier, but also because cats are color blind, they cannot easily distinguish the defender from the tree branches and become frustrated in their attempts to climb the tree.


Christmas Tree Cat Defender Feature list

Here’s the features list for the tree defender.

  • 48″ diameter (can be trimmed for smaller trees)
  • Adjustable for any tree trunk diameter
  • Accommodates Christmas tree wiring
  • Suitable for real and artificial Christmas trees
  • Tool free assembly (scissors for adjustments)
  • No power required
  • Concealed from view
  • 100% Effective

Christmas Tree Cat Defender  Images

Advantages of the Christmas Tree Cat Defender

  • Quick set-up – 5 minutes and you are done!
  • One defender stops many cats!
  • Accommodates Christmas lights
  • Cat proof Christmas tree for 5 minutes work!
  • Avoids cat death by electrocution from tree lights
  • Prevents damage to tree and decorations
  • Can also be used to protect garden plants
  • Re-usable every year, even if you change your Christmas tree!
  • It solves the question “how to keep my cat out of my Christmas tree” in one easy fix!


Christmas Tree Cat Defender Videos

This is bit of a funny video, however you can see how the Christmas Tree Defender is put together. The video does also do a good job of highlighting the dangers of having a cat play on or around a Christmas Tree.

In the video below, you can see a demonstration of how easy it is to install the Christmas tree defender in a few minutes.



    • It’s green – if your tree is white, it will be more noticeable – but just as effective! A white Christmas Tree defender is now available from HERE, so you can keep cats away from your Christmas tree with an unobtrusive aid if your tree is green or white!
    • The defender prevents cats climbing a tree from the base, however if there tables of chairs near the tree that can offer a cat a launching pad – then they may be able to jump into a tree at a point higher than the defender.



See the table below for some help on setting up and using the Christmas Tree Defender.

  • First of all, if required, the defender should be trimmed to match the diameter of your Christmas tree trunk.
  • Now hold the first section of defender up to the tree, pushing it in above the first row of branches. This should be around 24 inches off the ground.
  • One at a time, add the three other sections of the defender, clipping them onto the previous section
  • Once all 4 sections are clipped together and are sitting on the first row of branches, trim the defenders outer circumference to be 2 inches shorter than the tree branches.
  • Your tree is now protected and cats will not be able to climb the tree!


Yes, tree defender will also stop dogs from messing around with your Christmas tree

Tips for the best results with the Christmas Tree Cat Defender

Make sure you position the Christmas Tree defender between the first and second level of branches and it will be almost invisible and extremely effective.

Also, position your tree away from tables and chairs that a cat may use to jump into the tree to a point above the defender.

The width of the defender must be trimmed so that it is hidden by the branches, around 2 inches (50mm) shorter than the branch length, this is for two reasons; first it hides the defender from sight allowing your tree to remain attractive, and secondly it makes the defender more effective as cats cannot use the outer perimeter of the defender to get a “paw-up”.



I like the idea that this cat repeller can be packed away with the Christmas Tree and re-used again the following year, and every year thereafter. As it needs no batteries, or refills, this is a great product that does a great job of keeping cats away from Christmas trees.

Thanks to this simple solution cat owners no longer have to worry about how to keep cats out of Christmas tree, because the answer lies with this simple solution, which could be the cat owners best kept secret – because we thought we had seen just about every cat repeller/trainer here at the cat repellent guide!

As we mentioned in the introduction, owners are quite right to ask are Christmas trees poisonous to cats, however, with the Christmas tree defender, there is not need to worry, as it keeps cats off trees, period. This product will give you a cat proof Christmas tree, every year, for a one off purchase.

The bottom line is, if you have a Christmas tree and you have a cat, then you need to know how to keep cats out of Christmas tree – you need the Christmas tree defender! This product is one of those things that solves the problem it was intended to, in fact it makes the question “how to keep my cat out of my Christmas tree” obsolete, because this is the solution, and we love it.

In a one liner, we would say the following :

How to keep cats out of Christmas tree – SOLVED!


Customer Reviews for the Christmas Tree Cat Defender

Jessica from Missouri
When the cats realized they couldn’t get inside the tree to play, they completely ignored the tree. No more tree crashes in the middle of the night or swiping up broken Christmas ornaments. A must have for any pet owner. 🙂
Audrey from Rhode Island
I used to have such a problem during the holiday season keeping my cat Sydney away from the tree. But last year my worries ended when I assembled and installed the Christmas tree defender. Gone were my fears of fallen and broken ornaments, or more importantly, an injured Sydney. Both Syd and the tree made it through the entire season safe and intact. This year I bought one for my nephew and his cat, Bytes. Thanks for a wonderful product that really lives up to its name.
Cath from North Andover
After 18 years with the same even tempered and calm cats, we adopted two adorable kittens! Their first Christmas rolled around and we put up our artificial tree…within days we began to see Bella about a foot from the top of the tree peering out among the lights and ornaments! We saw an ad for your Christmas Tree Defender. I thought it was worth a try and I ordered one! Who knew??? It worked perfectly…the cats were annoyed, but we humans were thrilled. I can’t thank you enough for your amazing product.



  1. They do offer a white Christmas Tree Defender aswell! 🙂

    • You are absolutely correct! A white version of the christmas tree cat repeller is available by clicking HERE!

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