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Cat Attract

Cat Attract

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“I tried a few different ones before I found this one.The cats love it !”

How the Cat Attract Litter Works

The prime purpose of Dr Elsey’s Cat Attract is the exact opposite of cat repellent! But like our other indoor cat repellent the purpose is actually the same – to manage the movement and habits of cats indoors. Cat Attract encourages cats to use the cat litter, which prevents hygiene problems in and around the home. If you are a cat owner and your cat(s) do not use their litter box, this is the solution for you!

So how does it work?

Cat Attract is produced by a feline veterinarian to be as attractive to cats as possible, and it does this in four main areas.

#1 An all natural herb attractant is used to avoid an chemical imbalance that would deter cats. The herb acts as a comforter to cats and attracts them to the litter.
#2 A unique herbal scent draws the cat the the litter box, encouraging the cat to use the litter tray
#3 The perfect texture ensures that cats find the litter comfortable to use
#4 The particle size has been tested to ensure cats prefer using the litter


Cat Attract Features

Cat owners love cat attract as it makes training your cat so much easier – and the product is very low maintenance.

Here’s the feature list for Cat Attract.

  • No dust – great for asthma sufferers
  • herbal scent that cats love, but odor free for humans, just a nice hint of freshness!
  • soft texture that cats appreciate
  • designed for scooping / clumping – lasts longer


Cat Attract Images

Advantages of the Cat Attract Litter

  • Low dust (<1%) – great for asthma suffers
  • Cats love it – no training – first time use
  • Market leader
  • Designed by professionals
  • Small/medium particles combined with superior clay creates excellent scoopability
  • Affordable price
  • Comes with free book – Dr Elsey’s Litterbox Solutions
  • Great for kittens


As there is clay used in this product, please do not flush away!

Tips for using Cat Attract Litter

When first using Cat Attract make sure to remove all the previous litter from the tray. The unique herbal scent that attracts cats requires to be in a clean fresh tray, no remnants of previous litter please!

If your existing litter box is scratched it may be difficult to properly clean, we would therefore recommend a new litter box.

Check the box each day and remove any clumping.

Consider more than one litter box, and place them in different places around the home to encourage use.

Do you use a box with a hood? Remove it! The hot will restrict air flow and trap unpleasant odors that will deter the cat.



Cat Attract Litter achieves exactly what it sets out to do – solve problems with cat behaviour and encourages regular and routine use of provided cat litter trays. If you have no kittens, or cats that have developed an issue, we highly recommend Cat Attract!

Finally, the vet who designed this litter is so confident that your cats will love it, that the product comes with a 100% guarantee, stuck right on front of the packaging.

Customer Reviews for Cat Attract

SusanTT mailbag
My cats loved it, the moment I opened the bag they were extremely interested. My issues with cat trays were solved as easily as that. The bag I got had quite a lot of fine dust in it, which I did not expect as it is supposed to be 99% dust free, but it was not an issue for me as we have no asthma sufferers in the house.

One Comment

  1. My 2 year old cat developed a phobia for the litter box. As she only goes once every 24-36 hours, she got a bladder infection, and would only pee on blankets or beds and poop on carpets. I was really beside myself and did not know what to do. The vet suggested a shrink which I cannot afford. I saw Attract on Amazon with 18K+ recommendations, so I bought a bag which I used to put in a new litter box. It arrived late yesterday and this morning she is back to using the box. Soooooo very happy. Nothing worse than trying to neutralize cat urine smells!!! Thank you Dr. Elsey.

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