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Cleanrth TSAR520 Advanced Ultrasonic Animal Repeller w/Triple Scan Technology

Cleanrth TSAR520 Advanced Ultrasonic Animal Repeller w/Triple Scan Technology

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“Not a single cat since I started using the Cleanrth!”

How the Cleanrth TSAR520 Advanced Ultrasonic Animal Repeller repels cats

Cleanrth are specialists in electronic devices including ultrasonic animal repellents. Their product range includes a huge range of devices that target a wide range of animals including insects, bats, rodents, and of course cats. They also produce industrial level pest control solutions.

The TSAR520 is their premium cat repellent. This is an ultrasonic cat repellent that boasts a unique triple scan feature that improves detection rates. This unit also claims double the detection coverage than most of cat repellents. In addition to cats, Cleanrth state that this device will repel many other types of garden invader, such as dogs, rats, deer, foxes etc. The unit uses batteries, or can be plugged in with the included cord – which is a nice touch, especially at the low price point as an adaptor is usually an optional purchase with cat repellents.


Cleanrth TSAR520 Feature list

The unique features for the TSAR520 include the triple scan technology which offers a wider than normal detection range and increased chance of detection. If you can’t detect, you can’t scare – so this is a valuable feature that sets is apart from other cat repellents.

Here’s the full feature list for this model.

  • Repels many types of invader in addition to cats.
  • TSAR520 claims double the detection area compared to most other animal repellers
  • Triple Scan Animal Detection Technology
  • Infrared detection
  • 120 Degree Arc
  • Three separate viewing points for increased detection
  • 52 feet detection range
  • 2000 Sq Ft of detection area
  • Ultrasonic sound covers 5000 Square Foot area
  • Waterproof
  • Complete with 9V DC 500mA power adapter with 38 Foot of extra Power Cord
  • Can be used with two 9V batteries.
  • Freestanding for 5 second installation
  • Can be staked for improved stability
  • Designed for easy wall hanging
  • Fully weatherproof
  • Dimensions w/stake: H 15in W 3in L 3.5in
  • Test button

Cleanrth TSAR520  Images

Advantages of the Cleanrth TSAR520

  • Not many cat repellents come complete with an electrical cord, making this ultrasonic repeller a more attractive purchase for most customers. We would have expect this unit to retail at a much higher price considering that the electric adaptor is included. Battery powered cat repellents are not the best solution for obvious reasons, so this device will be a great purchase for gardeners with a convenient power source in their garden.
  • Unique Triple Scan Animal Detection Technology not found on other devices. This feature uses overlapping sensors to ensure an extremely high detection rate. Remember that increased cat detection means increased opportunity to scare the cat off!
  • Huge 52 foot detection range not seen in many other cat repellents. This will be of particular interest to gardeners with medium or even large gardens, and may even mean that instead of buying two ultrasonic cat repellents to cover a garden, you may get away with just purchasing this one.
  • Infrared detection System detects warm bodies (ie cats!) up to 52 ft away from the device at a 120 Degree Arc.
  • Quick and easy installation and set-up thanks to included stake and power supply.


We could find no concerns or issues with this particular cat repellent!

Tips for the Cleanrth TSAR520

Like any ultrasonic cat repeller, this advanced unit works best of placed with thought about the (1) area you wish to protect and (2) the most common access point. If you set this cat repeller up near to the area you are wish to protect from cats, but aim it towards the most common access point, cats will soon get the message and stop coming around.

Although the Cleanrth TSAR520 has a wider detection range than most cat repellers, owners with large gardens with more than one easy access point for cats may benefit from having more than one device to ensure the best possible coverage.


The Cleanrth TSAR520 Advanced Ultrasonic Animal Repeller impressed us with its detection range and unique triple scanner, and we were very happy to see that a power supply adaptor was bundled and included in the price. These two factors alone lead us to include this particular device in our “Recommended” category.

Customer Reviews for the Cleanrth TSAR520

cathy66 mailbag
Thanks for your review of the Cleanrth cat repellent, I can say that since we set it up our cat problem seems to be resolved and I am no longer dealing with cat poo in my grass.


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