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PestBye Ultrasonic Cat Repellent

PestBye Ultrasonic Cat Repellent

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The British are known for taking pride in their gardens so I thought it was about time I helped you brits find the best ultrasonic cat repellent in the UK. Unfortunately some of the cat repellents featured on are only available in the US, so all the devices in our UK Cat Repellent Section are guaranteed available in the UK, and I’ll be including a link to Amazon where you can check them out (USA visitors please check out our reviews of US cat repellents)

The first (and most popular) ultrasonic cat repellent we took a look at which is available in the UK is the PestBye Battery Operated Ultrasonic Cat Repeller

PestBye Battery Operated Ultrasonic Cat Repeller Images

Brits get a bit of a bargain here because the PestBye is good value for money when compared to the kind of prices cat repellers are sold for in the USA. This one has an 80 degree arc motion sensor that will cover a small garden (ie around 7 metres). If you garden is much bigger than this, you might think about buying 2 or 3 of these. It runs on 4AA batteries and is of course waterproof. If you buy rechargeable batteries they will last well over a year.

As you can see from the images above there are a couple of options for placing this cat repeller which is handy. You can have it up and running quickly by just planting it in the ground, or if you have more time on your hands you can wall mount it. You might find wall mounting gives you slightly more range and less chance of the sensor becoming obscured.

You can also see that this device has a frequency setting, to allow small adjustments in the ultrasonic tone, so you can find the best setting for ridding your garden of pesky cats. Use the following as a guide…

Cats – Between 3 – 5 Dogs – Between 3 – 4 Foxes – Between 3 – 6

I am however going to cut this particular review short, because Pestbye have another cat repellent that is superior, without a price hike. So, head over to our review of the Pestbye Solar Powered Cat Repellent!

Here’s some customer feedback on the PestBye

astroguy from
I wasn’t sure if this cat repeller would work but we had a neighbour’s cat which had been coming into our garden for some time and using it as a toilet. We have just re-planted and it was really annoying that the soil was being dug up every day. So time to try this cat repeller……it seemed to work immediately which was surprising as the instructions said it may take two or three weeks to work for a long-term visitor. I am really pleased so far having only been used for just over a week.

Update 27/11/12 :- Well, have been using this for a good while now and is still working perfectly. I’ve used rechargable batteries and have only had to recharge twice in the best part of 18 months. For those who find it doesn’t work, all I can say is I don’t know why unless it isn’t positioned correctly or is set at an incorrect setting – mine definately works. I have just bought another one to position in a corner of the garden that can’t be detected by the first one (behind a wall), where the cat has started to mess but no sign of mess in the main garden area still.

John from
Had the PestBye Battery operated Cat Repeller for over 2 months now. At first it did not seem to work. But persevered and my advice to those who have purchased and think it does not work, try the following, make sure you set it to 2/4 count the dots on the left. Set range to about 20ft and angle it carefully.
Ron from
The repeller actually works. I got rid of a persitant visitor after about five days. It required a bit of setting up in right posistion. I would say that the Pestby is most effective in a small garden.






  1. Bought my first 2 pest bye cat repellers from Amazon today after installing the batteries ! No instructions for setting up, found this helpful page on my iPad,
    My concern was no sound, am confused since I am not sure if sound to the human ear should be heard???

    • Hi Eric

      Good question, I should really address this so people understand :o)

      The ultrasonic sound is pitched to be an annoyance to cats – but it is not within the normal hearing range of humans. HAving said that, I can actually hear mine going off if everything else is quiet and I listen real hard – it is a very high pitched whine. Hope that helps!

  2. Is it ok to place within four metres of a neighbours window where cats exit the house?

    • Haha, so long as it is placed on your own property – you are good to go!

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