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Pestbye Solar Powered Cat Repeller

Pestbye Solar Powered Cat Repeller

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How the Pestbye Solar Powered Cat Repeller repels cats

There are only a handful of cat repellent devices that are solar powered, and when one appears on the market at a very low price point, it attracts a lot of attention from gardeners trying to keep cats out of their garden with the least amount of fuss.

The Pestbye solar powered panel is made from amorphous silicon. This is an environmentally friendly panel as the materials are abundant, and also non toxic. As gardeners typically care about the environment, this is one reason why this cat repellent is extremely popular! To give you an idea, the film used in these devices is only 1 micrometer thick, and yet it can absorb 90% of the available solar energy; in plain English, this is an extremely efficient solar panel perfect for the garden. If you are comparing solar panel powered cat repellents, and one is a crystalline silicon and the other a amorphous silicon, always go for the amorphous silicon, like this pestbye device.

The movement sensor is a standard infrared PIR and has a typical range of 30ft (just over 9m).


Pestbye Solar Powered Cat Repeller feature list

  • built-in PIR motion sensor
  • Re-chargeable batteries included
  • Solar Powered
  • Includes Ground Spike for fast and easy 30 second minute installation.
  • Covers 110° arc,
  • Protects 30ft ground area, total of 2,400²ft


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Advantages of the Pestbye Solar Powered Cat Repeller

  • We liked that rechargeable batteries are included in the box
  • Solar Powered – no cables, super fast installation


  • Actually with the Pestbye cat scarer, we could not think of anything bad!

Tips for the Pestbye Solar Powered Cat Repeller

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The PIR is actually quite sensitive on this model, and you may find it triggers too often. There are two things you can try if this is an issue for your application. Firstly try turning the sensor away from the garden slightly, you might find it still picks up cat movement, but reduces false triggers like plants moving in the wind. If that does not work, take some black tape and apply a small amount to the PIR sensor at the sides. This will narrow down the field of view and help reduce false triggers.
Where you place a cat repeller is always a crucial factor in how well it works, but even more so with a solar powered device like this. Most gardeners like to place their cat deterrents next to a plant, shrub or bush, so that it is not obtrusive and does not spoil the look of the garden. With a solar powered device you have to make sure that this does not obscure natural sunlight though, so be aware of any cover that shrubs might cast over the solar cell to ensure you get the best effect and maximise the chances of the deve activating when a cat strolls by.

Depending on where you site the device, the solar panel may over time have a small film of green garden fungus or moss type build up. Clean this off with a soft damp cloth every summer to ensure full charging can take effect and keep the rechargeable batteries on top form!


This really is a no brainer, at this price, and such a quick and easy install, you can rid your garden of cat’s spraying over your shrubs and plants for a few pounds and 30 seconds in the garden. No hassle, no cat problem.

Customer Reviews for the Pestbye Solar Powered Cat Repeller

Anon from
Got fed up with the local cats uprooting my plants and deficating in my garden. Within minutes of installing the devices a regular moggy walked towards my front garden. It got as far as my boundary, sat down, meowing towards the repeller. After several minutes it turned tail and wondered off in the opposite direction. Not had a single cat, dog or Fox anywhere near since. Installed it six weeks ago:) Will be ordering more for the rear garden too.

Anon from
Amazing worked within 3 days no more pesky cat mess! :)

Anon from
Yes! no more cat poo. Does what it says. Will buy another for my front garden.

Anon from
The Pestbye seems to be working, so far the next door cat hasn’t fouled on our beds since it has been up and running. My husband is pleased as he was at his wit’s end.


  1. Can anyone supply the address of the manufacturers of Pestbye

    • I had a look around and came up blank, I will see what I can find out though….

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