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MegaSonic Cat Repeller

MegaSonic Cat Repeller

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How the MegaSonic Cat Repeller repels cats

The Megasonic has a kind of cheesy name, but it has a special place here at Cat Repellent Guides because it is the very first ultrasonic cat repellent that I ever tried, and convinced me that I had at last found a workable solution to keeps cats away.

Of course that was actually a few years ago, but the fact that the megasonic is still a strong seller goes to prove what a great cat repellent it is, in fact the manufacturer claims that the MegaSonic is the number 1 best selling cat repeller in the UK.

One thing we did notice was that Amazon frequently run out of this device, and at the time of writing this review there were only 15 left in stock, so when you check this out on Amazon, if it is in stock, please don’t hesitate and miss out on this repellent. You can have a cat free garden in a couple of days if it is in stock!

So what’s the unique selling point of the MegaSonic? Well, according to the manufacturer it has a greater covergae area than any other PIR sensor on the market. Read on for the full feature list…


MegaSonic Cat Repeller feature list

  • built-in PIR motion sensor 50% stronger than any other
  • 98 degrees arc
  • 12 metres throw
  • 120 Sq.m total coverage
  • frequency range of 18,000Hz, 24,000 Hz
  • 2 year warranty
  • LED visual activation light
  • Test button
  • Weather Resistant


MegaSonic Cat Repeller Video

MegaSonic Cat Repeller Images

Advantages of the MegaSonic Cat Repeller

  • Definitely waterproof, ours performed in rainy conditions for months.
  • UK best seller – for a reason!


  • No frequency adjustments on these models.


Tips for the MegaSonic Cat Repeller

Click on the tabs below to explore the best tips Pestbye Solar Powered Cat Repeller.

Unless you have a good supply of rechargeable batteries, you might like to invest in the 9v adaptor that is available for this device.
Even with it’s wide 98 degree coverage, be careful how you set this device up, the included instructions are especially good at offering advice in this area.

Remember the MegaSonic has a test button on it, make sure you try it every month to ensure cats do not sneak in while the batteries are running low


Although this device lacks a frequency adjustment setting, something that almost all other ultrasonic devices have, this omission does not get in the way of what it does, and that is stop cats from coming into your garden. The build quality is very good, we tested ours in the rain for months and it kept the cats away no problem at all.

Customer Reviews for the MegaSonic Cat Repeller

Anon from
after spending £65 on various sprays, powders and even lion poo from the zoo I wish Id bought this first.

Worked out of the box.


Anon from
These worked for me instantly!! i got 2 repellers (battery no adaptor) & they are a lot bigger then what i expected,

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