Best cat repellents available in the UK

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CATWatch Ultrasonic cat deterrent

The CATWatch is different from other cat repellers in two important ways – it is scientifically tested to deter cats, and it is approved by the RSPB. There are more reasons to like this cat scarer though….

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Pestbye Solar Powered Cat Repeller

Solar Powered, super fast installation, inexpensive, what’s not to like about the Pestbye Solar Powered Cat Repeller?

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MegaSonic Cat Repeller

The number 1 cat repeller available in the UK? That’s what the manufacturer says, and in our review we explain why we do not find this surprising at all!

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PestBye Ultrasonic Cat Repellent

This is the most popular ultrasonic cat repeller in the UK, read our review to see why.

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